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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mayhem turned two!

Little miss mayhem turned 2 on friday. I still can't believe how quickly time flies when you have children. I remember the summer before I started kindergarten and thinking fall would never come, and now i'm just like: wow, slow down here! Yesterday I was pregnant with ashtyn and now she's in school already! Yikes! Tomorrow they'll both be married and i'll be a grandma.

Taylor's party was small but nice. My mom, dave, julie and lisa came up to celebrate. We didn't get to have cake which bummed me out but it was okay. The girls killed the cake I made, or I should say crystal made, and so I just said the hell with it. Jeremy and I laughed about how mangled it was and since friday was taylor's birthday (when it happened) and since it wasn't frosted, we just let the girls eat the rest of it....after us adults snagged a little was yummy! My mom was going to buy a cake, and crystal offered too but in the end I said no and so we just enjoyed some burgers, dogs, present opening and watching the new tinkerbell movie.

Speaking of presents: my kids are spoiled. They each basically get to birthdays. They have their own and they have each others. Ashtyn got a ton of gorgeous new outfits...not really a ton, like 6 or 7, but still a lot....and a treasure chest full of wizard of oz dress up stuff, a light up glinda gown for trick or treating and some other fun goodies. Taylor got a beautiful dorothy dress and tinkerbell and another pink fairy outfit. They both got some new pj's, footies and non and some really nice fuzzy blankets from auntie julie and my aunt lisa made taylor an awesome quilt.

It was really nice that they were able to make it up here. It's around a 3 hour drive each way so it's hard to do it often, and it's not like they could stay here since there's not much room, but they made it and ended up actually staying longer than planned. Davie was helping jeremy and mack build the addition and I kidnapped lisa to bring her on a walking tour of our land and then showed her the old house...whats left of it....she was so excited about that. I was kind of excited and confused by my visit to it. I found some old insulator or whatever it's called from a utility pole.....there's no electric out here...why on earth there would be insulators out there, I have no idea....but I hope to find out.

When they left they took my last 'tabs for taylor' wishing well. My mom is putting it in her yard so people can drop their tabs off there. I'm so excited! She's submitting my write up along with one of taylor's tab filled pics to the newpapers out her way. Mom you rock!!!!!

I, we, finally got to meet the girls' new pediatrician yesterday. She seems awesome. I really miss dr. Hall back home, but I, so far, am really happy with dr. Bannach. Taylor had her 2 yr well child check up in the morning and since ashtyn's been coughing and is now producing phlem, I brought her in after lunch. The doc played with taylor a bit to get her to feel comfortable and was really impressed to see taylor in action: taking armie off, putting armie back on, reaching, grabbing, climbing everything, moving a huge wooden chair around the room, climbing up on the counter, turning on the faucet, getting soap from the dispensor, washing her hands, getting the paper towel to dry them and then climbing back down to find the trash. She was doing great. She loved how independent taylor is and how nothing slows her down. We talked about orthopaedists and shriners hospital and how we'll always make the drive to mass because they are awesome and we talked about her cold, blue nub ('cause it was when we were there) and then about her speech and ot services etc and that she's doing great. I know she's doing well but it's nice to hear it from others too. And then came the hard part: the hep b vaccination. What a trooper. She was unimpressed about me holding her down but didn't even make a peep about the needle. And was all excited to get a booboo bandaid. All done. So we said our goodbyes and went to the hospital. During our visit we had also discussed that taylor had tested positive for lead again. I can't for the life of me figure out how and when I described our current 'home', the dr was shocked too. The camp is all virgin (untreated/preserved/whatever)cedar and pine. No paint anywhere. So we're kind of assuming it's a bogous finger prick, which is why nh doesn't do finger we went to the lab at the hospital to get some blood the old fashioned way, directly from the vein. Again, taylor was a trooper. She was scared of me restraining her and then when she saw the needle, she watched silently as the tube turned red and filled the vial. Another booboo bandaid and a sticker for being such a big girl. All smiles, she said bu-bye to everyone and we left to go pick up ashtyn.

We get back down to barton, get ashtyn, drive back up to camp for some quick pb&j and then back over to newport to the dr's.

I had to convince ashtyn that she would not get any shots, or finger pricks or anything of the sort. That she just needed to be weighed and measured and have her lungs heard.

Please, please be good.

She did not want to pick up the toys she tossed all over the play area but other than that she was good. The doctor gave her a nebulizer treatment for her nasty cough, wrote a rx for the treatment so we could do it at home and sent us on our way.

Luckily we have a medical supply place up here so we could rent the nebulizer. Holy cow! 200 bucks for the damn thing....we rented it for 20. Makes me continue to hate my insurance company.

In the end I was very happy I did get ashtyn in to see the doc but I felt like an ass for not doing it last week......and jeremy didn't get to cry about a pointless dr visit :) I keep reminding him our deductable is pretty much nailed already.....and he keeps threatening to go get a vasectomy.....jerk. Lol.

Anyways, jeremy and mack finally got the walls up and the roof streamers. They managed to get the plywood and plastic sheets on the roof and no sooner did they get down the ladder, it started to rain. And it's basically rained non stop since. I put all the plywood that was outside, the trim boards, windows and insulation in the addition area so we almost have a porch again. I've got another 30 or so sheets of plywood on the porch still to move out there but I hurt myself enough moving stuff yesterday. I can not wait to have two useful arms again!!!!!! Ugh!

Well, that's it for now. Off to 'chores' and whatnot.

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