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My Little Beauty Queen. Ashtyn Ora, aka "Chaos". She's a perfect 50/50 of myself and my sister, Julie. She wants to always be in a ball gown with make up, hair, the works. But then she'll run outside all dolled up and play in the mud. If you know me, then you know I'm the one in the dirt while my sister's off at a modelling show or some crazy beautifl people thing. If I brush my hair, I'm as dolled as I'm going to get. Give me some Carhartt's and my Chippewa's anyday.

This little monkey introduced me to the world of Mommyhood. And it was a quick crash course, but we managed well.

She showed me how wonderful, although painful, childbirth can be. And that even without teeth, nursing can hurt!!!!

Most of the time, I kiss her boo-boos and some days she kisses mine ( I need to be more careful with wood and windows)

She is a better big sister than I think I was, which is a good thing for Taylor.

She is fearless and tough. And boys, you better stear clear.....if you mess with her, she's going to beat you down. And once she's a teenager.....her Daddy will too.

I love you Princess Chaos. Don't ever change.