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Friday, July 20, 2012

Chaos and Mayhem is no where near accurate...

So after 2 years and some weeks of no 2000 sq ft house, no land line, oil, pellet stove or drier (we do have a washer!) no dishwasher, or electricity  even (unless the generator is on), no water bill, or septic bill, no pool, no garage, no route 12 traffic outside our living room window, or NECR smashing railcars at midnight because they still haven't learned how to properly make a hitch, no family near by to cure our boredom on those days we just can't entertain ourselves and no neighbors which also used to help us with our lacking entertainment..... We are about to rejoin the alleged 'real world' and head back south and east to our home-ish soil on the NH side of the Connecticut River. We will be welcoming back the real internet and looking forward to ditching our not-so-smart-phones. And the idea of being able to walk into a room and flick on a light switch is, well, very exciting..... I'm sure I won't think so the first electric bill we get :) And not hearing the hummmmmm of the genny will be nice as well.

But i'm going to miss the sound of silence. The coydogs chatting from our treeline at the camp to other coydogs at the north end, the scary ass bear that attempted to come visit us last weekend when we were tenting outside. Going up to the gamecam and having hundreds of pictures each day of all the wildthings around us. I'm even going to miss plowing the mile long driveway when there's 3 feet dumped on us overnight and splitting and stacking wood then having to hawl that garbage inside all winter when it's 40 below outside. I'm going to miss my residents. I'm absolutely devastated to leave them. And i'll miss most of my coworkers.... A few, i'll be happy to never see again ;) And I'm definitely going to miss the incredible teachers that both girls had this past year. I could not have asked for better. They rank right up their with Mr. Parker! For those that don't know, that's a major, major compliment. They are awesome!!!! I think the only thing I won't miss here is paying $9 for a jug of Miracle Whip and other such crazy prices for things and the what seemed to be never ending pipe freezing we had to deal with this past winter.

I have found comfort in knowing we'll still visit....and who knows, maybe in 20 years we really will build a house here and live out what's left of our days at 'camp'. But for now we are, once again, New Hampshire bound. To grass that's the same color, just a little bit more plentiful and a lot cheaper to mow.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Taylor rocks the newspaper!

Many thanks to the Springfield Vermont News Blog , the Newport Daily Express and the Shopper for helping support us by spreading the word.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Tabs For Taylor tab drop 7/2/12

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