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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirt-y girls

You'd think it was summer already here. It has been in the 60s and even touching 70. We've been having a blast outside. Taylor got to finally ride her ATV and she loves it. She figured out how to attach her prosthetic hand to the handle bar (and how to remove it) within a few minutes. Ashtyn took her ATV out for a spin too. I don't have video of that since I was holding her "kill-leash" while she drove. I'm pretty proud of my little redneck kiddos.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taylor's New Arm

We went to Shriners yesterday and picked up Taylor's new arm. Taylor's prosthetist showed me some "sport hands" (as I call them) for bicycle riding, baseball, stuff like that. Its really wonderful that there are so many different attachments to do different things. I was also able to bug Bernadette and Lee for a bit which is always nice. And I brought down our tab collection...... almost 100,000 tabs!!! That was interesting..... trying to carry 4 5-gallon buckets, which were full, as well as my purse, camera and diaper bag....and both girls.

I grabbed the blanket I made for her and she realized right off that her arm matched her blankie.

Ashtyn and Taylor worked their charms on a Shriner that was there in the morning and he gave them each a Potentate pin. Miss Ashtyn decided to wear her chocolate milk instead of drink it so she got to sport the very last Shrine On 09 shirt instead of her St. Patty's Day greens.

You can tell Taylor was exhausted. It was a very long day.....too much car time and not ANY naptime.
I'd jabber on more but no one wants to nap today either so I have to cut it short.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crash Update

Tabitha Royce, 33, of Charlestown, N.H., died at Springfield Hospital in Vermont, police said.

River rescue under way of trapped motorist - Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2010

River rescue under way of trapped motorist - Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2010

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Friday, March 12, 2010

"Oned-handed" ambidexterity

I tried to upload this video onto blogger but after 5 hours I gave up.

Probably not the most exciting video to some people, but I'm pretty gitty about it.

She has been doing so much two handed stuff lately, like holding her cup with both hands and "driving" her ride on toys.....she tried to dig in the dirt with Ashtyn using her pro arm to hold the shovel.....the dirt was still frozen...but she tried :)

Taylor, my dear, you get an ATTAGIRL from Mommy. (and not the sicko definition....weirdos)

5 more days until we get her new hand. I have no idea if its the same type of hand or if they're just making a new arm for the hand we have..... I really never thought to ask....... it doesn't matter.....I'm just happy that they are able to provide prosthetics for Taylor. We know she can do anything and everything without a prosthetic, but she uses and LOVES her hand(s)..... I would be so heartbroken for her if she wasn't able to have them. I know she's super happy to have a helping hand.

Monday, March 8, 2010

No news is good news.... I guess

We went to Shriners last Wednesday to get Taylor's feet checked out. Basically the consensus is..... don't worry about it. Her feet may correct themselves and if not... she'll just have flat feet and may at some point get arch supports for her shoes. The ortho we saw wasn't concerned at all and at this point I'm good with that. They said if she seems to be in pain or her ankles/feet get "worse" then definitely have her looked at again but they don't think I should be concerned. She is walking a million times better now than when we first set up her appointment, so that adds to my breathing easier about this whole situation.

We also got to go bug the OPD crew while we were there. Not only did little miss Taylor get fitted for another arm, we got to meet another little girl, Kristina, who lives in NH and has an LBE amp and cutie little "fingers" too. They didn't get to have any real in depth chit chat (the Mommy's did, and her Dad piped in a couple times) but the girls did have a good time swapping arms and comparing nubbies. I still can't believe she could fit into Taylor's arm.... she's 4 years old... I know Taylor loved it. She kept taking her prosthetic off and pointing with her nubbie at Kristina... in her mind saying "finally, someone that isn't a two handed freak!"

I also got to talk with a few of the OPD crew members about random special prosthetics... for riding bikes, atv's, etc. Which then kind of turned into a conversation about how amputees can and will do anything they want to and how I should check out Gimps on Ice which is an climbing event of Paradox Sports. WOW! These people are awesome and crazy-brave. And not because they are amputees, because climbing ice is a horribly frightening idea! OMG! The group has a bunch of other events too, fly fishing, biking, surfing, you name it and they're probably doing it.

I think that basically sums up everything I can come up with right now that I've managed to not blog about. I'm being very bad about blogging recently.... too many projects, not enough time. Speaking of time.... its bed time. Nighty night.