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Friday, March 12, 2010

"Oned-handed" ambidexterity

I tried to upload this video onto blogger but after 5 hours I gave up.

Probably not the most exciting video to some people, but I'm pretty gitty about it.

She has been doing so much two handed stuff lately, like holding her cup with both hands and "driving" her ride on toys.....she tried to dig in the dirt with Ashtyn using her pro arm to hold the shovel.....the dirt was still frozen...but she tried :)

Taylor, my dear, you get an ATTAGIRL from Mommy. (and not the sicko definition....weirdos)

5 more days until we get her new hand. I have no idea if its the same type of hand or if they're just making a new arm for the hand we have..... I really never thought to ask....... it doesn't matter.....I'm just happy that they are able to provide prosthetics for Taylor. We know she can do anything and everything without a prosthetic, but she uses and LOVES her hand(s)..... I would be so heartbroken for her if she wasn't able to have them. I know she's super happy to have a helping hand.


Jo Jo said...

Yay. Good for her!!! She is just so darn cute.

Jennie said...

That is adorable and she LOOVES that waffle! I also think its funny you are watching channel 3, AND that I recognized it by the music. haha