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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mayhem turned two!

Little miss mayhem turned 2 on friday. I still can't believe how quickly time flies when you have children. I remember the summer before I started kindergarten and thinking fall would never come, and now i'm just like: wow, slow down here! Yesterday I was pregnant with ashtyn and now she's in school already! Yikes! Tomorrow they'll both be married and i'll be a grandma.

Taylor's party was small but nice. My mom, dave, julie and lisa came up to celebrate. We didn't get to have cake which bummed me out but it was okay. The girls killed the cake I made, or I should say crystal made, and so I just said the hell with it. Jeremy and I laughed about how mangled it was and since friday was taylor's birthday (when it happened) and since it wasn't frosted, we just let the girls eat the rest of it....after us adults snagged a little was yummy! My mom was going to buy a cake, and crystal offered too but in the end I said no and so we just enjoyed some burgers, dogs, present opening and watching the new tinkerbell movie.

Speaking of presents: my kids are spoiled. They each basically get to birthdays. They have their own and they have each others. Ashtyn got a ton of gorgeous new outfits...not really a ton, like 6 or 7, but still a lot....and a treasure chest full of wizard of oz dress up stuff, a light up glinda gown for trick or treating and some other fun goodies. Taylor got a beautiful dorothy dress and tinkerbell and another pink fairy outfit. They both got some new pj's, footies and non and some really nice fuzzy blankets from auntie julie and my aunt lisa made taylor an awesome quilt.

It was really nice that they were able to make it up here. It's around a 3 hour drive each way so it's hard to do it often, and it's not like they could stay here since there's not much room, but they made it and ended up actually staying longer than planned. Davie was helping jeremy and mack build the addition and I kidnapped lisa to bring her on a walking tour of our land and then showed her the old house...whats left of it....she was so excited about that. I was kind of excited and confused by my visit to it. I found some old insulator or whatever it's called from a utility pole.....there's no electric out here...why on earth there would be insulators out there, I have no idea....but I hope to find out.

When they left they took my last 'tabs for taylor' wishing well. My mom is putting it in her yard so people can drop their tabs off there. I'm so excited! She's submitting my write up along with one of taylor's tab filled pics to the newpapers out her way. Mom you rock!!!!!

I, we, finally got to meet the girls' new pediatrician yesterday. She seems awesome. I really miss dr. Hall back home, but I, so far, am really happy with dr. Bannach. Taylor had her 2 yr well child check up in the morning and since ashtyn's been coughing and is now producing phlem, I brought her in after lunch. The doc played with taylor a bit to get her to feel comfortable and was really impressed to see taylor in action: taking armie off, putting armie back on, reaching, grabbing, climbing everything, moving a huge wooden chair around the room, climbing up on the counter, turning on the faucet, getting soap from the dispensor, washing her hands, getting the paper towel to dry them and then climbing back down to find the trash. She was doing great. She loved how independent taylor is and how nothing slows her down. We talked about orthopaedists and shriners hospital and how we'll always make the drive to mass because they are awesome and we talked about her cold, blue nub ('cause it was when we were there) and then about her speech and ot services etc and that she's doing great. I know she's doing well but it's nice to hear it from others too. And then came the hard part: the hep b vaccination. What a trooper. She was unimpressed about me holding her down but didn't even make a peep about the needle. And was all excited to get a booboo bandaid. All done. So we said our goodbyes and went to the hospital. During our visit we had also discussed that taylor had tested positive for lead again. I can't for the life of me figure out how and when I described our current 'home', the dr was shocked too. The camp is all virgin (untreated/preserved/whatever)cedar and pine. No paint anywhere. So we're kind of assuming it's a bogous finger prick, which is why nh doesn't do finger we went to the lab at the hospital to get some blood the old fashioned way, directly from the vein. Again, taylor was a trooper. She was scared of me restraining her and then when she saw the needle, she watched silently as the tube turned red and filled the vial. Another booboo bandaid and a sticker for being such a big girl. All smiles, she said bu-bye to everyone and we left to go pick up ashtyn.

We get back down to barton, get ashtyn, drive back up to camp for some quick pb&j and then back over to newport to the dr's.

I had to convince ashtyn that she would not get any shots, or finger pricks or anything of the sort. That she just needed to be weighed and measured and have her lungs heard.

Please, please be good.

She did not want to pick up the toys she tossed all over the play area but other than that she was good. The doctor gave her a nebulizer treatment for her nasty cough, wrote a rx for the treatment so we could do it at home and sent us on our way.

Luckily we have a medical supply place up here so we could rent the nebulizer. Holy cow! 200 bucks for the damn thing....we rented it for 20. Makes me continue to hate my insurance company.

In the end I was very happy I did get ashtyn in to see the doc but I felt like an ass for not doing it last week......and jeremy didn't get to cry about a pointless dr visit :) I keep reminding him our deductable is pretty much nailed already.....and he keeps threatening to go get a vasectomy.....jerk. Lol.

Anyways, jeremy and mack finally got the walls up and the roof streamers. They managed to get the plywood and plastic sheets on the roof and no sooner did they get down the ladder, it started to rain. And it's basically rained non stop since. I put all the plywood that was outside, the trim boards, windows and insulation in the addition area so we almost have a porch again. I've got another 30 or so sheets of plywood on the porch still to move out there but I hurt myself enough moving stuff yesterday. I can not wait to have two useful arms again!!!!!! Ugh!

Well, that's it for now. Off to 'chores' and whatnot.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I really did do a good job on myself

Huh. So, my understanding of my wrist issues have been found in error and i'm just now grasping the reality of what went down and how messed up I really am.
First of all: the arm bones. I messed that up badly. I pulled my ulna (small bone, the bottom one when doing thumbs up) out of it's happy home within the nest of little wrist bones, not my radius like I had thought.
Second, I don't know if I mentioned it on here or not but I had this one xray pic that looked like I had smashed the top off of the bigger forearm bone (the radius bone).... I never asked my ortho about it. The first visit, I didn't even noticed the 'idea' of a crack on my xray, and then on my second visit, dhmc was a mad house and my ortho was all excited for me that my ulna was going back in place that I forgot to ask about the questionable looking xray. Well, yesterday it showed up again on only one xray I mentioned it. He corrected me on my total bone headed wrongness in switching mentally the radius and ulna, and clarified the whole ulna moved out thing
.....duh....brainfart....or maybe vicodin induced stupidity....anyways, and then he says that yeah, I did break the top of my radius off and then he showed me how the bone is re-fusing and that there's a kind of bump of bone now where there wasn't before.
Well that sucks. But he assures me things still look good and he'll see me again in 3 weeks. Now I get to lose this obnoxious stinky huge cast.
I've been feeling about 80% lately. My wrist does hurt if I pick up something real heavy but for the most part I don't have any pain at all. So i'm sitting there in the cast room shooting the breeze with the whole casting department and 'my guy' gets my yucky blue cast apart.

Oh my friggin painfullness!

It was like sitting, bleeding at the woodpile on that fateful saturday morning all over again. I had to lift my left hand with my right one to get it into the sink so I could feeblie attempt to wash some of the stink off.

'could I have a couple shots now? This is horrendous!'

He replies, 'you just told me how you wished the er doc broke your arm without the shot since the shot was more painful?'

Lol. 'no, I mean vodka or something'

.....not so much..... So I finish my pathetic effort of cleaning myself and carry my broken appendage back to the bed so he can [hurry up pretty please] put a new cast on. 

New cast on and finally ready to go. I set up my next barage of appointments and go rescue crystal from ashtyn and taylor :) and continue on our journey to home depot.

There's so much more to this story but it's just going to have to wait......sorry

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Sept 21

I was side tracked by my evil but not so surprising er bills that I entirely forgot to give an update on my oh so much fun re braking adventure. Well, it worked. I had my xrays done a week after my dhmc er visit and everything looks good so I don't need to have surgery. Yippee! I've had my cast for 3 weeks today and I am going back to dartmouth in a few hours to have a new one made and another dose of 'radiation'....can't see my bones enough I guess...

Kind of funny side story:

Last wednesday I got a call from a local number that I didn't recognize.
I answer, 'hello'.
'yes, Mrs. Honeycutt?'
'hi this is [nurse] from [local hospital] orthopaedics. I'm just calling to remind you of your appointment tomorrow'
'for what?' I am so confused.
'your 2 week check up' she happily rebuttles, 'from your surgery.' she's starting to think i'm a moron. 'your wrist.' I can almost hear the 'duh' in her voice.
'oh!' I say. 'well that's funny. I never had surgery. I couldn't get ahold of you guys and decided it was a bad omen so I went to dartmouth, where they reduced and set my wrist and I don't need surgery'.
Who feels dumb now? Haha. A stunned silence is all I get in response. And then, 'oh. Sorry. Um...... I guess you won't need to come in then. Well, ooops, have a nice day.'
Wow! Really?
I guess in the end I will go with the general concensous up here: the local hospital sucks! Except for the awesome, awesome nurses who took care of all rock!....or at least the orthopaedic dept up here sucks, and the er secretaries.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Shriners walkathon

The high price of learning

I just received the first two (of likely a dozen more to come) of my insurance statements for my wood stacking/falling day of fun.

My first notice is for my er visit here. $2041.22 to clean the blood off of me, stitch my head wound, xray my wrist and put me in a splint. Ouch! And how much did my insurance company pay? Not one cent! Who is stuck footing the bil? Moi.

The next bill was for visit number 3 of my first visit to dhmc. It was for my er visit there when they re-broke my wrist and casted it. $1666.00 of which I have to pay $268.08.

Why did they cover nothing at north country and a good chunk of dartmouth hitchcock? For starters, north country is an out of network facility and we have to meet our annual out of network deductible of $8,250. (5500 family, 2750 individual) before they will pay anything. Since we haven't reached it yet, they paid nothing. Whereas with dhmc, they are in network and our annual in network deductible is $7,500. (5000 family, 2500 individual) I was $268.08 away from my individual annual in network deductable, so we have to pay the 268 and for the most part they'll cover the bulk of the rest....except the ot & pt, i'm sure there will be some battles with that....(they refuse to pay for taylor's ot).

I am still waiting for the statements of 3 sets of xrays and 2 visits to see the orthopaedic specialist. Followed by next tuesday's appointments with the casting department to remove this cast and then make a new one, another set of xrays and another visit with orthopaedics, which will be further followed by another set of visits with all three and ot/pt. I'm estimating another $7k, bringing my cost of learning not to stack wood seven feet high on stupid wobbley pallets to about $10,000! Awesome.

What's even more fun is my ot/pt will be at north country so i'll likely get to pay out of pocket for that. Taylor's 30 minute visits are $243.33 (each week) so yeah, that'll be expensive. We might meet one of our deductables this year. That's just swell {insert sarcasm here}. And the hospitals will get their money in monthly installments of $50 at most, since, {insert dr. Evil's 'muwah-ha ha ha ha' laugh here} i'm poor. And since I busted my self up nicely, I can't work. Isn't learning fun.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boo-boo's, water and school

As always, a ton of time has gone by so I have tons to say.

First, I had my 1 week check-up at dartmouth. The 're-breaking' of my wrist worked so I do not need surgery. Yay! But i'm stuck in this huge armpit to fingertip cast until the 21st (3 weeks.....and yeah it smells....yuck) and then 2 weeks in a shorter cast and then a splint for a little bit.

Next, we have water!!!! Our old method of water collection and distribution was not 'winter friendly' nor would I even consider drinking it. It actually was ok to drink it but years ago I had a couple night crawlers come through so that killed the whole drinking idea for me, even after I bought a filter system for it, just wasn't gonna do it. But now we have a nice, new well (many thanks to ron, sue, louis and dave) and all the piping is happily buried so we have year round water....and it is definitely drinkable

Next, we finally got started on the addition. We are adding a 12x20 area which will be split kind of 30/70. The smaller room will be.....dut dut dut inside bathroom! No more going outside in the middle of the night to pee! And yes we do have an actual flushing toilet already but it's in it's own little bathroom house thing and like our old water system: seasonal. So everything is going to be north east kingdom winter friendly. Yay! The other part of the addition is going to be the kitchen. The current kitchen is also the dining room so more space is needed and will be available soon.

And, little miss chaos, has started pre-k. She is so happy and just loves it. Her teacher's name is miss julie which she thinks is just the best thing ever. Back home, her school didn't offer bus service. You had to be enrolled in the special ed school in order to be picked up, and then you were picked up by a mini van with a 'school bus' sign on it. She was furious at the idea of one of those 'buses' coming to get her (and not because those are for children who need extra help, she has no idea what special ed is or the short bus jokes.....its because 'big kids' don't ride little buses) So when she found out it was a fullsized bus she was psyched. She rides it down to the high school and then the bus driver walks her to another bus which then takes all the little ones over to the pre-k school. That first day I was a little worried. Minutes before the bus showed up ashtyn asked if it was a woman driver..... I had no idea. I was anticipating a huge meltdown...which of course would have been over-tired-exagerated and in front of people, so we're talking huge, huge meltdown. And here comes the bus. And we look. And thank God. It's a woman driving. 'Bye mommy. Have a good day' and she held our neighbor's son's hand (who thankfully rides too)  and they waited for the driver's signal to cross the street, crossed and got on the bus. And off went my baby on a new adventure. 
I went back down the road to camp so jeremy could leave for work and wondered if I should wake taylor to drive to ashtyn's school. We weren't here for orientation and she was with my mom because of my arm when I finally found out about the school and registered her so the poor kid didn't know who her teacher was (she knew it was julie but not who julie was) or where to go. She only knew what I had told her about the bus. In the end I decided to not be that parent even though it killed me.... I let taylor sleep. I knew everything was ok. Once the kids got to the pre-k, staff members go out to the bus to escourt the kids off and into the school, and on the first day, (or longer if needed) to their classrooms. It's the school and bus co's policy to never have any of them without an adult escourt. Some of their safety measures scare me and remind me it's not 'safe' anywhere anymore: when you walk in you enter the main office, you then have to be buzzed in through the locked door, then walk to your child's classroom and knock on that door so the teacher can unlock that door and let you in. Each classroom has it's own bathroom and door to the playground. The entire place is in a sort of lock down mode. It's weird. It makes me feel like ashtyn is safe but also that she's in danger, like kid abductions are a common threat. We didn't have security like this back home, where my locked car was stollen from my driveway and our convenience store was robbed at gun point, we had an unlocked door, four women and 20 little kids....and this place is a quiet, peaceful i'm not quite understanding the hightened security......but I guess it's better that it be overkill than not. But aside from this shady topic.... She had an awesome first day at school and has another awesome one every day. She loves it. And as much as I love the no fighting, bickering, screaming, whining, etc, I'm bored and I miss her all morning and can't wait for school to be over. 

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Better than ezra

I'm so bored! This sitting around garbage is for the birds. I can't do anything. And I hate the word 'can't'. My girls hear it all the time, 'you can do anything. Can't is not an option in this house' I have told ashtyn I don't know how many times that 'can't' and 'hate' are naughty words and their use is basically forbidden. But here I am. All alone. With 'can't' on my mind. I need to do dishes.....can't. Need to do laundry.....can't. Need to mop.......can't. I 'can't' do any of that stuff....not only because I physically can't yet, but I can't get this stupid cast wet and I also can't because jeremy broke a water line, we found out after we ran out, and the stream is dry. Awesome! I need to put my hair up...... I can't. I want to cut it all off..... I can't. I'm getting pretty sick of sitting here. I've done all I can do and i'm now just stuck waiting for 4 to get here so I can go get ashtyn registered for school....which starts tuesday! So I guess there's a positive topic. Ashtyn got in to the pre-k program and i'm psyched. She'll get to ride the bus in the morning and unless things change over the next few days, i'll pick her up at noon. I'm still going to try to get her in the full day program but we'll see. Her teacher's name is miss julie which she is just going to love. I'm so excited for her. Now I need to work on lining up preschool for taylor. These poor kids have been stuck with one another and me for months. They need more kids to play with.....and stat! Another good thing: the addition is getting started tomorrow as is our well project! No more stream water! Yay! And an inside bathroom.....super big yay! Bigger kitchen/dining room....more yay! No more peeing outside in the dark because I have to, only if I want to........ I'm so excited I could bust. That's all I needed, a little venting, find a happy topic or two, now i'm in a much better thanks :)

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Part 2: time to make and re-break

We did make it to donna's birthday party sometime around 4. I got to tell my story another 50 times. We all had a great time. Sunday morning my mom and dave came to kidnap our monkeys for a few days since i'm kind of useless. When they left we went to town to rent a bunch of movies. When we got back we made dinner and just laid in bed and enjoyed copland, clash of the titans and repomen and went to sleep. Monday morning came way too early. 5:30 I get up, make jeremy and myself lunch and head to what's supposed to be my first day at work. I got there, was handed my timecard and paperwork and informed I might not be allowed to stay. 13 minutes later I was escorted out. If i'm 'lucky' I can work there after I am released to work by a dr 'if' they have any possitions available at that time. Great! So I get my things, drive down the street to the hospital, park my car, call jeremy to tell him, and I cry. This time very much like a baby. I waited 3 months for this job, finally get it and poof, gone. He calms me down and I head back to camp. Then I get to spend the rest of the day calling drs and dentists to cancel all the appointments the girls had this week, call dhmc to schedule my surgery, call westaff, call call call whomever. And in between out going calls i'm bomberded by people calling me, so I get to tell my story another million times. I get my call back from dartmouth, they can see me now but I explain I have no one to go with me at this second so tuesday morning would be better. I've been in agony for 3 days, whnat's another 12 hours. So I call jeremy, mom and mom #2 to let them all know and then head back to the hospital to get my xrays. 
Jeremy gets home around 7 and we decided to just head down in the morning, much to everyone south's dismay. 
We get to dartmouth and the place is packed. I drop my xray cd at the imaging dept and go check in at xray which happens to be where everyone under the sun is waiting for their dose of radiation. We wait for 30 minutes and all I call think about is how delicious the pizza from sbarro smells. I hadn't eatten or drank anything since I went to bed because of the anesthesia possibility so I was starving. I finally get my turn and go get another batch of xrays. When I get out jeremy has reached the breaking point of hungry. We had 30 minutes until my date with knives, needles, pins and plates, so I tell him to go eat. He finally does and i'm jealous but know that I can't. He gobbles it up and we head to orthopaedics. We're in there barely long enough to give the receptionist my insurance info and we're brought to my room. We are greated by an almost-graduate who asks a bunch of questions and is baffled that I was not given a reduction in the er. He explains that I might not need surgery and what he plans to do to fix my wrist without cutting it open. He goes out to talk to my would be surgeon and then the surgeon comes in and talks to us and tells us the same thing. Basically, i'm going to be sent down to their er to have my wrist re broken and set back the way it should be....hopefully. And if all looks well on xrays a week from now, no surgery, if it doesn't, then it's time for the shiny metal objects. 
So I walk down to the er and check in. My nurse comes out to get us and brings me to my new room and gets my vitals. A minute or so later my new dr comes in with her helper. She explains to him, jeremy and me what is going to happen and then she gets out 2 syringes and a bottle of something to 'block' my pain. Let me just tell didn't block squat. 1/2 cc of crud to kind of numb my skin and the 10 cc shoved directly into my break. It felt like a knife was scraping the top of my radius and ulna....holy crap did that hurt. I'm flipping out but calmly and laughing histarically, so jeremy's laughing and now the docs are laughing. They start grabbing supplies and they told me they guessed on what color i'd like: black. I agreed, but then realized I would be able to doodle on black so I opted for baby blue. Sara, my dr, then told jeremy when she rebreaks my arm she wants him outside, so he kidnapped my phone and went out to the waiting room. She then started explaining to her helper what she would do and without anywarning in mid sentance she pulled twiced and busted my wrist. Oh man did that suck! She's this tiny little thing too, and I even told her how amazed I was. A few more minutes of torture and I had a blue cast and a massive, throbbing wrist. Then she pulls out this cast cutter, which looks like a bone saw or the cut off tool jeremy has for the air compressor....either way not fun. Wtf? Sara explained how my cast was really going to be like a splint, they'd cut it but tape it back on to allow some room to accommodate my swelling and swollen wrist. She could tell I was scared and they told me it was a special blade that won't cut skin. Bullcrap, i'm thinking. Nope. Sara turned it on and stuck it on her arm. I wanted to puke just seeing in my head what was about to happen but to my surprise: no blood. I felt better. So she starts hacking my cast. That saw doesn't cut skin but oh man, it can burn. It gets pretty toasty and my tender little wrist didn't appreciate having the veiny underpart grazed. Ouch. But it was over. She put some tape on to hold it together and sent me back down to xray. All good down there and then it was time for thank you's and goodbyes. 

I called the local hospital to see if I could do my xrays and check up here......they don't want any part of it. They're mad I didn't go with their recommendation of immediate now I go back to dartmouth next week for more xrays and a follow up to see if this re breaking thing worked. 

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Learning the hard way

By now you've likely seen or heard of my winter wood project. Well lets just say it's now jeremy's project.

We were invited to a friend's 70th birthday party at 2, which we obviously planned to we knew we didn't have the time to get the sono tubes in for the addition so we decided to work on the wood. Jeremy bucked up the last lengths of tree and I was running the wood spliiter. Ashtyn and taylor were safely away from us but still within sight... I know some of you will wonder. So, jeremy finished bucking and then went for a quick ride on his quad with the dog and I continued splitting....and yes, you can do the two-manned splitting garbage but i'd rather be in control of it all.... A couple minutes go by and he's back and starts running the handle of the splitter, which I just stated: I want to control it all or have no part of it. And please understand, it's not that i'm a control freak it's just I tend to f up when i'm watched and when he and I work together it's basically definitely going to happen and he's going to get hurt and well, it'll be my fault, so I avoid that stuff. So, I let him take over the splitting but, being the nice wife that I am, I placed all the bucked up wood closer to the splitter so he didn't have to keep running all over to pick it up. Aren't I sweet?
So then I start stacking up all the split wood. We only 'need' (we assume) 2 more rows and we'll be set for the winter. I start in on the first one. I grab an armful, like 7 or 8 pieces and stack them all nice in their new little row. I'm all proud of how my ends are these days. I used to be really really bad tying the ends, but now they are awesome and sturdy and i'm so excited I split and stacked about 98% of our so far 7 1/2 cords of wood all by myself. And yes, all by myself, during naps and whatnot. So now that it's almost done i'm just gitty with not having to do it again until next year. Another armload beautifully placed. And another. Look over to check on both kids. They're good. Another armload. Another armload... BAM! I hear a few curse words and the blaaght of the splitter motor. Oh f bomb. That hurt. 'are you okay' he asks. 'shut that thing off, where are the girls?' I respond. They are still safely away from us but have realized something bad just happened. 'oh s#*t, you're bleeding'. 'yup, can you go get me a towel'. He does. 'let me see your head'. 'i don't care about my head, I just mangled my wrist'. So a few more seconds of quick conversation and blood going everywhere. 'load up the kids and when you're done I need you to pick me up off the ground cuz if I do, i'm just going to faint'. So he gets the kids in and comes for me. I had to skip catching the blood for a bit so I could use the towel as a sling and pick up my arm. Not a pleasant feeling by the way. So we get on our way and I shockingly calm. I'm snickering about the lousy roads up here and how it'd be a smoother ride if we drove in the ditch. And we get to the hospital. Now it's do or die time. I unvelcro my left glove to finally see the damage and to save my glove from the doctors cut-happy scissors and then remove my never-ever-off-of-me harley davidson bracelet. Well, so far not bad. Removing the stuff hurt real bad but no bones protruding and no blood. It's a bit swollen and purplie. Now, everyone I know up here a) goes to dartmouth (which is 2 hrs away) and b) has expressed that they'd take their chances with bleeding to death driving elsewhere before going to the local one,so i'm a bit scared how this is going to be. Just for the record, I don't think it's as bad as they say but there were a couple annoying employees. So we pull in. There's this huge 'emergency room' sign on the building as well as normal sized signs everywhere. Jeremy pulls up to the door. I assure him I can walk the 15 ft so he can park the car in the closest spot available (100 ft away). So I get to the door, under this huge sign....'um, ma'am the er door is around the corner'.....really, that's super. So I stagger over to that door, it was only like 20 ft away. There are two receptionists at the desk. Neither look at me. The one at the window is casually talking with this girl about panic attacks and whatever, and i'm getting mad. Suddenly things are fuzzy. So I decide to go sit down. Jeremy walks in with the girls and I tell him I haven't been checked in. So he gets right up there. 'i'll be with you in a moment sir' and the woman sits down and starts eating a salad. Really? Wtf?! Meanwhile i'm chatting with a mother and daughter who are also waiting to check in. I explain what happened and they look at my blood covered head which is now covered with blood soak dreadlocks. They talked with me and the girls for a bit and finally in the background we hear 'what can I do for you sir?' 'my wife is bleeding all over the place and she broke her arm'. She looks at me....'i have a patient for triage' she says over the walkie talkie. well that got the fire going. Here's a nurse, there's a nurse, everywhere a nurse, nurse. Little nina messed up bad, eieio!
The secretaries we dealt with going in sucked! But the nursing staff made up for it. They were awesome. Cleaned me up, gentle as could be. I can't say enough good things about my nurses. They get me cleaned up, the doc comes in. I have gotten the 'oh'-face about a dozen times now. Everyone is in awe of my wrist. Doc stitches up my head and I get 'bedded' over to xray. That sucked worse than the stitches but the tech was a sweetheart and tried her darndest to make it as quick as possible. I snuck a peak of my xrays on the way back to my room. Yup, that's awesome. I basically ripped my radius (top bone of your arm when you do a 'thumbs up) away from all the little bones that make up your wrist, and shoved it into my ulna (the bottom one). Awesome. Goodstuff. So she wheels me and my bed back into my room and I await my goopy messy cast making adventure. Doc asked me what color and I went for this hot pastelled pink...ha!....and quickly realized it was an ace bandage. Huh? He then informs me I need to have surgery on tuesday-ish...but basically asap...and that's when I finally cried. Not like a baby, but I did cry for a minute. Then I put my tough girl attitude back on and they braced my arm. We were done now but had to wait as a man was brought in from a motorcycle accident (we wanted to not only respect his privacy....this place is tiny....but also not further tramatize the girls). As we waited jeremy commented on how many people came in to check on me and how I must have told what happened at least a dozen times. I then informed him it was how they try to make sure this wasn't a domestic abuse thing. That got him fired up but he quickly settled realizing that crap is a sad reality. that i've said 'so' 52 times in this post....the moral of this story is: don't stack your wood 6 ft high, especially if its on wobbly pallets.....

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