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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Part 2: time to make and re-break

We did make it to donna's birthday party sometime around 4. I got to tell my story another 50 times. We all had a great time. Sunday morning my mom and dave came to kidnap our monkeys for a few days since i'm kind of useless. When they left we went to town to rent a bunch of movies. When we got back we made dinner and just laid in bed and enjoyed copland, clash of the titans and repomen and went to sleep. Monday morning came way too early. 5:30 I get up, make jeremy and myself lunch and head to what's supposed to be my first day at work. I got there, was handed my timecard and paperwork and informed I might not be allowed to stay. 13 minutes later I was escorted out. If i'm 'lucky' I can work there after I am released to work by a dr 'if' they have any possitions available at that time. Great! So I get my things, drive down the street to the hospital, park my car, call jeremy to tell him, and I cry. This time very much like a baby. I waited 3 months for this job, finally get it and poof, gone. He calms me down and I head back to camp. Then I get to spend the rest of the day calling drs and dentists to cancel all the appointments the girls had this week, call dhmc to schedule my surgery, call westaff, call call call whomever. And in between out going calls i'm bomberded by people calling me, so I get to tell my story another million times. I get my call back from dartmouth, they can see me now but I explain I have no one to go with me at this second so tuesday morning would be better. I've been in agony for 3 days, whnat's another 12 hours. So I call jeremy, mom and mom #2 to let them all know and then head back to the hospital to get my xrays. 
Jeremy gets home around 7 and we decided to just head down in the morning, much to everyone south's dismay. 
We get to dartmouth and the place is packed. I drop my xray cd at the imaging dept and go check in at xray which happens to be where everyone under the sun is waiting for their dose of radiation. We wait for 30 minutes and all I call think about is how delicious the pizza from sbarro smells. I hadn't eatten or drank anything since I went to bed because of the anesthesia possibility so I was starving. I finally get my turn and go get another batch of xrays. When I get out jeremy has reached the breaking point of hungry. We had 30 minutes until my date with knives, needles, pins and plates, so I tell him to go eat. He finally does and i'm jealous but know that I can't. He gobbles it up and we head to orthopaedics. We're in there barely long enough to give the receptionist my insurance info and we're brought to my room. We are greated by an almost-graduate who asks a bunch of questions and is baffled that I was not given a reduction in the er. He explains that I might not need surgery and what he plans to do to fix my wrist without cutting it open. He goes out to talk to my would be surgeon and then the surgeon comes in and talks to us and tells us the same thing. Basically, i'm going to be sent down to their er to have my wrist re broken and set back the way it should be....hopefully. And if all looks well on xrays a week from now, no surgery, if it doesn't, then it's time for the shiny metal objects. 
So I walk down to the er and check in. My nurse comes out to get us and brings me to my new room and gets my vitals. A minute or so later my new dr comes in with her helper. She explains to him, jeremy and me what is going to happen and then she gets out 2 syringes and a bottle of something to 'block' my pain. Let me just tell didn't block squat. 1/2 cc of crud to kind of numb my skin and the 10 cc shoved directly into my break. It felt like a knife was scraping the top of my radius and ulna....holy crap did that hurt. I'm flipping out but calmly and laughing histarically, so jeremy's laughing and now the docs are laughing. They start grabbing supplies and they told me they guessed on what color i'd like: black. I agreed, but then realized I would be able to doodle on black so I opted for baby blue. Sara, my dr, then told jeremy when she rebreaks my arm she wants him outside, so he kidnapped my phone and went out to the waiting room. She then started explaining to her helper what she would do and without anywarning in mid sentance she pulled twiced and busted my wrist. Oh man did that suck! She's this tiny little thing too, and I even told her how amazed I was. A few more minutes of torture and I had a blue cast and a massive, throbbing wrist. Then she pulls out this cast cutter, which looks like a bone saw or the cut off tool jeremy has for the air compressor....either way not fun. Wtf? Sara explained how my cast was really going to be like a splint, they'd cut it but tape it back on to allow some room to accommodate my swelling and swollen wrist. She could tell I was scared and they told me it was a special blade that won't cut skin. Bullcrap, i'm thinking. Nope. Sara turned it on and stuck it on her arm. I wanted to puke just seeing in my head what was about to happen but to my surprise: no blood. I felt better. So she starts hacking my cast. That saw doesn't cut skin but oh man, it can burn. It gets pretty toasty and my tender little wrist didn't appreciate having the veiny underpart grazed. Ouch. But it was over. She put some tape on to hold it together and sent me back down to xray. All good down there and then it was time for thank you's and goodbyes. 

I called the local hospital to see if I could do my xrays and check up here......they don't want any part of it. They're mad I didn't go with their recommendation of immediate now I go back to dartmouth next week for more xrays and a follow up to see if this re breaking thing worked. 

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