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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boo-boo's, water and school

As always, a ton of time has gone by so I have tons to say.

First, I had my 1 week check-up at dartmouth. The 're-breaking' of my wrist worked so I do not need surgery. Yay! But i'm stuck in this huge armpit to fingertip cast until the 21st (3 weeks.....and yeah it smells....yuck) and then 2 weeks in a shorter cast and then a splint for a little bit.

Next, we have water!!!! Our old method of water collection and distribution was not 'winter friendly' nor would I even consider drinking it. It actually was ok to drink it but years ago I had a couple night crawlers come through so that killed the whole drinking idea for me, even after I bought a filter system for it, just wasn't gonna do it. But now we have a nice, new well (many thanks to ron, sue, louis and dave) and all the piping is happily buried so we have year round water....and it is definitely drinkable

Next, we finally got started on the addition. We are adding a 12x20 area which will be split kind of 30/70. The smaller room will be.....dut dut dut inside bathroom! No more going outside in the middle of the night to pee! And yes we do have an actual flushing toilet already but it's in it's own little bathroom house thing and like our old water system: seasonal. So everything is going to be north east kingdom winter friendly. Yay! The other part of the addition is going to be the kitchen. The current kitchen is also the dining room so more space is needed and will be available soon.

And, little miss chaos, has started pre-k. She is so happy and just loves it. Her teacher's name is miss julie which she thinks is just the best thing ever. Back home, her school didn't offer bus service. You had to be enrolled in the special ed school in order to be picked up, and then you were picked up by a mini van with a 'school bus' sign on it. She was furious at the idea of one of those 'buses' coming to get her (and not because those are for children who need extra help, she has no idea what special ed is or the short bus jokes.....its because 'big kids' don't ride little buses) So when she found out it was a fullsized bus she was psyched. She rides it down to the high school and then the bus driver walks her to another bus which then takes all the little ones over to the pre-k school. That first day I was a little worried. Minutes before the bus showed up ashtyn asked if it was a woman driver..... I had no idea. I was anticipating a huge meltdown...which of course would have been over-tired-exagerated and in front of people, so we're talking huge, huge meltdown. And here comes the bus. And we look. And thank God. It's a woman driving. 'Bye mommy. Have a good day' and she held our neighbor's son's hand (who thankfully rides too)  and they waited for the driver's signal to cross the street, crossed and got on the bus. And off went my baby on a new adventure. 
I went back down the road to camp so jeremy could leave for work and wondered if I should wake taylor to drive to ashtyn's school. We weren't here for orientation and she was with my mom because of my arm when I finally found out about the school and registered her so the poor kid didn't know who her teacher was (she knew it was julie but not who julie was) or where to go. She only knew what I had told her about the bus. In the end I decided to not be that parent even though it killed me.... I let taylor sleep. I knew everything was ok. Once the kids got to the pre-k, staff members go out to the bus to escourt the kids off and into the school, and on the first day, (or longer if needed) to their classrooms. It's the school and bus co's policy to never have any of them without an adult escourt. Some of their safety measures scare me and remind me it's not 'safe' anywhere anymore: when you walk in you enter the main office, you then have to be buzzed in through the locked door, then walk to your child's classroom and knock on that door so the teacher can unlock that door and let you in. Each classroom has it's own bathroom and door to the playground. The entire place is in a sort of lock down mode. It's weird. It makes me feel like ashtyn is safe but also that she's in danger, like kid abductions are a common threat. We didn't have security like this back home, where my locked car was stollen from my driveway and our convenience store was robbed at gun point, we had an unlocked door, four women and 20 little kids....and this place is a quiet, peaceful i'm not quite understanding the hightened security......but I guess it's better that it be overkill than not. But aside from this shady topic.... She had an awesome first day at school and has another awesome one every day. She loves it. And as much as I love the no fighting, bickering, screaming, whining, etc, I'm bored and I miss her all morning and can't wait for school to be over. 

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