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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept 21

I was side tracked by my evil but not so surprising er bills that I entirely forgot to give an update on my oh so much fun re braking adventure. Well, it worked. I had my xrays done a week after my dhmc er visit and everything looks good so I don't need to have surgery. Yippee! I've had my cast for 3 weeks today and I am going back to dartmouth in a few hours to have a new one made and another dose of 'radiation'....can't see my bones enough I guess...

Kind of funny side story:

Last wednesday I got a call from a local number that I didn't recognize.
I answer, 'hello'.
'yes, Mrs. Honeycutt?'
'hi this is [nurse] from [local hospital] orthopaedics. I'm just calling to remind you of your appointment tomorrow'
'for what?' I am so confused.
'your 2 week check up' she happily rebuttles, 'from your surgery.' she's starting to think i'm a moron. 'your wrist.' I can almost hear the 'duh' in her voice.
'oh!' I say. 'well that's funny. I never had surgery. I couldn't get ahold of you guys and decided it was a bad omen so I went to dartmouth, where they reduced and set my wrist and I don't need surgery'.
Who feels dumb now? Haha. A stunned silence is all I get in response. And then, 'oh. Sorry. Um...... I guess you won't need to come in then. Well, ooops, have a nice day.'
Wow! Really?
I guess in the end I will go with the general concensous up here: the local hospital sucks! Except for the awesome, awesome nurses who took care of all rock!....or at least the orthopaedic dept up here sucks, and the er secretaries.

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