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Friday, September 17, 2010

The high price of learning

I just received the first two (of likely a dozen more to come) of my insurance statements for my wood stacking/falling day of fun.

My first notice is for my er visit here. $2041.22 to clean the blood off of me, stitch my head wound, xray my wrist and put me in a splint. Ouch! And how much did my insurance company pay? Not one cent! Who is stuck footing the bil? Moi.

The next bill was for visit number 3 of my first visit to dhmc. It was for my er visit there when they re-broke my wrist and casted it. $1666.00 of which I have to pay $268.08.

Why did they cover nothing at north country and a good chunk of dartmouth hitchcock? For starters, north country is an out of network facility and we have to meet our annual out of network deductible of $8,250. (5500 family, 2750 individual) before they will pay anything. Since we haven't reached it yet, they paid nothing. Whereas with dhmc, they are in network and our annual in network deductible is $7,500. (5000 family, 2500 individual) I was $268.08 away from my individual annual in network deductable, so we have to pay the 268 and for the most part they'll cover the bulk of the rest....except the ot & pt, i'm sure there will be some battles with that....(they refuse to pay for taylor's ot).

I am still waiting for the statements of 3 sets of xrays and 2 visits to see the orthopaedic specialist. Followed by next tuesday's appointments with the casting department to remove this cast and then make a new one, another set of xrays and another visit with orthopaedics, which will be further followed by another set of visits with all three and ot/pt. I'm estimating another $7k, bringing my cost of learning not to stack wood seven feet high on stupid wobbley pallets to about $10,000! Awesome.

What's even more fun is my ot/pt will be at north country so i'll likely get to pay out of pocket for that. Taylor's 30 minute visits are $243.33 (each week) so yeah, that'll be expensive. We might meet one of our deductables this year. That's just swell {insert sarcasm here}. And the hospitals will get their money in monthly installments of $50 at most, since, {insert dr. Evil's 'muwah-ha ha ha ha' laugh here} i'm poor. And since I busted my self up nicely, I can't work. Isn't learning fun.

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