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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Better than ezra

I'm so bored! This sitting around garbage is for the birds. I can't do anything. And I hate the word 'can't'. My girls hear it all the time, 'you can do anything. Can't is not an option in this house' I have told ashtyn I don't know how many times that 'can't' and 'hate' are naughty words and their use is basically forbidden. But here I am. All alone. With 'can't' on my mind. I need to do dishes.....can't. Need to do laundry.....can't. Need to mop.......can't. I 'can't' do any of that stuff....not only because I physically can't yet, but I can't get this stupid cast wet and I also can't because jeremy broke a water line, we found out after we ran out, and the stream is dry. Awesome! I need to put my hair up...... I can't. I want to cut it all off..... I can't. I'm getting pretty sick of sitting here. I've done all I can do and i'm now just stuck waiting for 4 to get here so I can go get ashtyn registered for school....which starts tuesday! So I guess there's a positive topic. Ashtyn got in to the pre-k program and i'm psyched. She'll get to ride the bus in the morning and unless things change over the next few days, i'll pick her up at noon. I'm still going to try to get her in the full day program but we'll see. Her teacher's name is miss julie which she is just going to love. I'm so excited for her. Now I need to work on lining up preschool for taylor. These poor kids have been stuck with one another and me for months. They need more kids to play with.....and stat! Another good thing: the addition is getting started tomorrow as is our well project! No more stream water! Yay! And an inside bathroom.....super big yay! Bigger kitchen/dining room....more yay! No more peeing outside in the dark because I have to, only if I want to........ I'm so excited I could bust. That's all I needed, a little venting, find a happy topic or two, now i'm in a much better thanks :)

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