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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I really did do a good job on myself

Huh. So, my understanding of my wrist issues have been found in error and i'm just now grasping the reality of what went down and how messed up I really am.
First of all: the arm bones. I messed that up badly. I pulled my ulna (small bone, the bottom one when doing thumbs up) out of it's happy home within the nest of little wrist bones, not my radius like I had thought.
Second, I don't know if I mentioned it on here or not but I had this one xray pic that looked like I had smashed the top off of the bigger forearm bone (the radius bone).... I never asked my ortho about it. The first visit, I didn't even noticed the 'idea' of a crack on my xray, and then on my second visit, dhmc was a mad house and my ortho was all excited for me that my ulna was going back in place that I forgot to ask about the questionable looking xray. Well, yesterday it showed up again on only one xray I mentioned it. He corrected me on my total bone headed wrongness in switching mentally the radius and ulna, and clarified the whole ulna moved out thing
.....duh....brainfart....or maybe vicodin induced stupidity....anyways, and then he says that yeah, I did break the top of my radius off and then he showed me how the bone is re-fusing and that there's a kind of bump of bone now where there wasn't before.
Well that sucks. But he assures me things still look good and he'll see me again in 3 weeks. Now I get to lose this obnoxious stinky huge cast.
I've been feeling about 80% lately. My wrist does hurt if I pick up something real heavy but for the most part I don't have any pain at all. So i'm sitting there in the cast room shooting the breeze with the whole casting department and 'my guy' gets my yucky blue cast apart.

Oh my friggin painfullness!

It was like sitting, bleeding at the woodpile on that fateful saturday morning all over again. I had to lift my left hand with my right one to get it into the sink so I could feeblie attempt to wash some of the stink off.

'could I have a couple shots now? This is horrendous!'

He replies, 'you just told me how you wished the er doc broke your arm without the shot since the shot was more painful?'

Lol. 'no, I mean vodka or something'

.....not so much..... So I finish my pathetic effort of cleaning myself and carry my broken appendage back to the bed so he can [hurry up pretty please] put a new cast on. 

New cast on and finally ready to go. I set up my next barage of appointments and go rescue crystal from ashtyn and taylor :) and continue on our journey to home depot.

There's so much more to this story but it's just going to have to wait......sorry

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