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Friday, August 24, 2012

Laurie Kathryn's 6th Annual Butterfly Dance

It's that time of year again! The girls can not wait to strut around with
their butterfly wings again at

Sunday September 9, 2012

1-6pm at Patch Park in Charlestown, NH
There will be food, music, 3 bounce houses,
activities and more!
Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.
All proceeds go to children's charities in the community.
The event is rain or shine.
(if you need directions google "Charlestown NH Ambulance" ,
the park is out behind their building or "Fort Number 4" which is
267 Springfield Rd, Charlestown, NH is next to the park...
either way, you can't miss it)
The following I snagged from Dee's facebook page:
"For those of you who are wondering what this event is all about-Laurie was mine and Stacy's daughter. Shortly after she turned 3, she acquired a virus that turned into a nasty strain of pneumonia. The illness only lasted a few days, but she passed away from it.
In memory of Laurie, we have a Butterfly Dance. She loved butterflies and dancing. Here, we raise money and turn it around and donate it to local charities that benefit children. Some of the charities include the Headstart programs, Christmas Fund, Toddler Program at the Charlestown Library, clothing a toddler who's house burned, summer pool passes, and more!
It is just a fun day for kids. The bounce houses keep them well entertained. We also have activity tables, music and dancing, food and raffles. Please come and join the fun! Your child will look forward to it all year:) "
Check out the event and invite friends on facebook at

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The last week of summer vacation

Jeremy is stuck in class this entire week somewhere in the outskirts of Boston, so the girls and I decided it would be a perfect time to go and bug Grandmama and Papa. Our week has contained lots of visting of course but everyone has to work during the day so the girls and I have entertained ourselves shedding new life on our Tabs For Taylor well.

Not looking so new after 3 years of New England weather beating down upon it.

The fun began with peeling off the old vinyl.

And of course, no project would be complete without the kids getting in the middle of things. I'm glad she did though.....I never would have guessed she had grown this much in such little time... or just how bad the well really did look. Yikes! I should have been on that a while ago.

So I finally got things going but ran into issue after issue. The first problem: the red wouldn't cover the unweathered spots on the well

                Then, I needed 46 star stencils cut out of contact paper to stick on the white roof. The plan was to paint over the stencils then when I pulled them off, they would leave beautiful white perfect stars. Well, there is problem 2 and 3. Cutting them out took FOREVER! And to make matters worse, they peeled off the white paint and some blue when i tried to pull them off. GRRRRRR!

So we got a different color red and it covered the vacant letter spaces, and everything else for that matter, perfectly. Yay! Then it was time for the new graphics.

And a new info board.....full of pictures of course. And the painful task of trying my darndest to cover it all with contact paper to help prolong its life outdoors

And today, its finished! And looks awesome if I do say so myself. It will get the white stars on top at some point soon. I just need to get them.

Yesterday, Grandmama and Aunty Kathy took their previously planned day and tossed it in the trash to bring us to Storyland!

We had soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I can not even begin to tell you what a great day it was. Filled with Cinderella, Alice, Red, Tink, the StoryBops, Duke the Dragon, Humpty Dumpty, know, the bear with the green overalls....I remember him from Miss Hesh's kindergarden should too ;)  Tons of rides, and soaked is not even the word for Pharaoh's Reign. Oh my goodness was that fun!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to reality

Ahhh the joys of "real" internet again. I could rock the high speed down in town but had virtually nothing at the homestead after Verizon turned their towers like a bunch of idiots >:( Oh well. I guess that's all in the past now. Now its just a waiting game for our bank to finish making us submit paper after paper and answer questions over and over again and then we can finally move into our new place. I can not wait to get in there and clean it, paint it and move my 8 tons of crap into it. Oh its gonna be awesome. Then it'll be time to find my broke butt a new job. BOOO! With Jeremy's new employer he's basically either at work or on call for work. The days of flowing opposite schedules are no more. Which makes reliability with kid drop offs and pick ups at school non existant. And, the kids have to go to two different schools this year. UGH! The preK is overloaded here so tons of kids are on the waiting list for not only this school but all their 'partner' schools. So Tayt going local is not going to happen. i did find her a spot in NH at a school Ashtyn went to a few years ago and I'm psyched about that but its private pay and not cheap by any means so I'm battling with the state of VT to cover at least their supposed required 10 hours of preK that is entitled to all VT kiddos and trying to figure out how to cover the rest of that. Yay. So whenever i can figure out the answers to all that crap, then i can work on the job issue. But for now its hold down the fort, get the bank, house, school and iep crud going forward, keep myself busy and this place cleaned, and help out with Gram as much as I can.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shrine On Springfield 2012


Thank you everyone who strolled, roller skated, biked, was carried or walked Shrine On Springfield 2012!

Ellie Uhlig
Zane Putnam
Shawn Kincaid
Jaqi Kincaid
Beth Staples
Aiden Putnam
Wesley Putnam
Sam Putnam
Jess Rock
Justin Gallion
Darcy Lovell
Jayana Newhall
Jaxyn Lovell
Brockton Lovell
Bryan Butler  
Rachel Harrel  
Alana Butler 
Deb Burns 
Christine Brehio
Josh Brehio
Brody Brehio
Madison Brehio
Jack Brehio
Jackie Brehio
Kristi Morris   
Ajlyn Putnam  
Sam Putnam  
Jeremy Honeycutt 
Nina Honeycutt  
Taylor Honeycutt 
Ashtyn Honeycutt 
Julie St. Sauveur 
Ryan Sell 
Diane Gallion  
Clyde Gallion  
Leo LaFlamme 
Linda LaFlamme   
Linda Drew  
Candy Desrochers   
David Desrochers  
Cole Rapini  
Hanna Rapini   
Chris Rapini    
Jessica Bryant  
Cathy Hartmann    
Greg Precourt    
Jessi Dussault   
Charlie Dussault  
Lila Dussault 
Maebel Dussault
Tanya McAllister

And thank you guys for showing up for the walk before running off to conquer your zillions of parades that same morning!

Harold Rock
Mike Bamforth
Paul LaFlamme
Pat Sloan
Steven Stearns
Roger Adams
Wes Jewell
Ed LaFlamme
Thank you donors for enabling us to raise $1720 this year to help Shriners Hospitals for Children continue helping kids defy the odds!

Potentate Mt Sinai #3 Shawn Kincaid and Lady Jaqi
Past Potentate Mt Sinai #3 Leo LaFlamme and Lady Linda
Past Potentate Mt Sinai #3 Kristi Morris
Pastor of First Congregational Church in Springfield VT
Great Northern Comfort Home Improvements & Denis Chabot
John and Jane Waysville
Griffin Construction and The Dussault family
Maurine Parnet
Jack and Jackie Brehio
Empire Beauty Schools Inc
Pam Desrochers
Tonya Harding
Linda Drew
Leslie Huey
Glen and Lorraine Eckert
Candy and David Desrochers
Ashtyn and Taylor Honeycutt
Nicole Wheeler
High Priest of Bektash Richard Quindley
Ron and Sue Precourt
Kit N Kaboodle Consignments and Laurie Wallace
Paula Searles
Jessica Bryant
Beverly Waysville
Lori McElroy
Lisa Schulte
Scott Astle
Doug Hanson
Joanne Blodgett
John Hoscle
Kathy Chicoine
Cindy Stevens
Rick Sharron
Eileen Czechowicz
John Tomlinson
Lorie Desmarais
Stacy Gatto
Debbie Burns
Darcy Lovell
Tracy Lovell
Hubert Lovell
Justin Gallion
Opal Gallion
Miles Brock Lovell
Rich Pummer
Chris Rourke
Liam Smith
Tonya and Shawn Waters
Clyde and Diane Gallion
Bill Hauer
Mike Bryant
Bob Kirkbride
Rusty Towsley
Vinny Croney
Kim Stowell
Donna Jones
Betty Andreson
Bill Barrows
Bill O'Brien
Samantha Kuid
Connie Rathburn
Daniel Putnam
the "BATZ" Putnam family.

And, thank you to all of our tabbies. There are so SO many of you out there!

We had a ton of tabs brought to the walkathon thanks to

Deb Burns
Cole's Cause
Cathy Hartmann

They brought approximatly 40 gallons between them. A lot of the tab collectors had special stories and reasons for getting involved. It was amazing to hear them. The tabs turned in at the walk were from

Anthony LeClair
Rose Palmer
Debbie Burns
Florence Spaulding
Valley Regional Hospital Employees and Patients
Henry Marrotte
Bomar Company
Josh Brehio
Maplewood Nursing Home Employees
Greg Precourt and Cathy Hartmann
Cole's Cause friends and family

***we turned in about 280 gallons of tabs in July.....on top of the 140 gallons in February :)

Thanks again to our suppliers and sponsors

Doolittle's Print Serv
The Ink Factory
Roland III and Sue Irish
Ray St Sauveur and Linda Schettino
Candy and David Desrochers
Ron and Sue Precourt

and thanks to our volluntold cook Greg Precourt for all his hard work and keeping everyone's tummies full.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who has helped us continue our mission. Your never ending support means the world to us. Every penny and every tab matters! Thank you all so very much. We are all looking forward to next year being even bigger and better than years past and we hope to see all of you as well as some new faces in June 2013!