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Friday, August 24, 2012

Laurie Kathryn's 6th Annual Butterfly Dance

It's that time of year again! The girls can not wait to strut around with
their butterfly wings again at

Sunday September 9, 2012

1-6pm at Patch Park in Charlestown, NH
There will be food, music, 3 bounce houses,
activities and more!
Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.
All proceeds go to children's charities in the community.
The event is rain or shine.
(if you need directions google "Charlestown NH Ambulance" ,
the park is out behind their building or "Fort Number 4" which is
267 Springfield Rd, Charlestown, NH is next to the park...
either way, you can't miss it)
The following I snagged from Dee's facebook page:
"For those of you who are wondering what this event is all about-Laurie was mine and Stacy's daughter. Shortly after she turned 3, she acquired a virus that turned into a nasty strain of pneumonia. The illness only lasted a few days, but she passed away from it.
In memory of Laurie, we have a Butterfly Dance. She loved butterflies and dancing. Here, we raise money and turn it around and donate it to local charities that benefit children. Some of the charities include the Headstart programs, Christmas Fund, Toddler Program at the Charlestown Library, clothing a toddler who's house burned, summer pool passes, and more!
It is just a fun day for kids. The bounce houses keep them well entertained. We also have activity tables, music and dancing, food and raffles. Please come and join the fun! Your child will look forward to it all year:) "
Check out the event and invite friends on facebook at