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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The last week of summer vacation

Jeremy is stuck in class this entire week somewhere in the outskirts of Boston, so the girls and I decided it would be a perfect time to go and bug Grandmama and Papa. Our week has contained lots of visting of course but everyone has to work during the day so the girls and I have entertained ourselves shedding new life on our Tabs For Taylor well.

Not looking so new after 3 years of New England weather beating down upon it.

The fun began with peeling off the old vinyl.

And of course, no project would be complete without the kids getting in the middle of things. I'm glad she did though.....I never would have guessed she had grown this much in such little time... or just how bad the well really did look. Yikes! I should have been on that a while ago.

So I finally got things going but ran into issue after issue. The first problem: the red wouldn't cover the unweathered spots on the well

                Then, I needed 46 star stencils cut out of contact paper to stick on the white roof. The plan was to paint over the stencils then when I pulled them off, they would leave beautiful white perfect stars. Well, there is problem 2 and 3. Cutting them out took FOREVER! And to make matters worse, they peeled off the white paint and some blue when i tried to pull them off. GRRRRRR!

So we got a different color red and it covered the vacant letter spaces, and everything else for that matter, perfectly. Yay! Then it was time for the new graphics.

And a new info board.....full of pictures of course. And the painful task of trying my darndest to cover it all with contact paper to help prolong its life outdoors

And today, its finished! And looks awesome if I do say so myself. It will get the white stars on top at some point soon. I just need to get them.

Yesterday, Grandmama and Aunty Kathy took their previously planned day and tossed it in the trash to bring us to Storyland!

We had soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I can not even begin to tell you what a great day it was. Filled with Cinderella, Alice, Red, Tink, the StoryBops, Duke the Dragon, Humpty Dumpty, know, the bear with the green overalls....I remember him from Miss Hesh's kindergarden should too ;)  Tons of rides, and soaked is not even the word for Pharaoh's Reign. Oh my goodness was that fun!