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Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to reality

Ahhh the joys of "real" internet again. I could rock the high speed down in town but had virtually nothing at the homestead after Verizon turned their towers like a bunch of idiots >:( Oh well. I guess that's all in the past now. Now its just a waiting game for our bank to finish making us submit paper after paper and answer questions over and over again and then we can finally move into our new place. I can not wait to get in there and clean it, paint it and move my 8 tons of crap into it. Oh its gonna be awesome. Then it'll be time to find my broke butt a new job. BOOO! With Jeremy's new employer he's basically either at work or on call for work. The days of flowing opposite schedules are no more. Which makes reliability with kid drop offs and pick ups at school non existant. And, the kids have to go to two different schools this year. UGH! The preK is overloaded here so tons of kids are on the waiting list for not only this school but all their 'partner' schools. So Tayt going local is not going to happen. i did find her a spot in NH at a school Ashtyn went to a few years ago and I'm psyched about that but its private pay and not cheap by any means so I'm battling with the state of VT to cover at least their supposed required 10 hours of preK that is entitled to all VT kiddos and trying to figure out how to cover the rest of that. Yay. So whenever i can figure out the answers to all that crap, then i can work on the job issue. But for now its hold down the fort, get the bank, house, school and iep crud going forward, keep myself busy and this place cleaned, and help out with Gram as much as I can.