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Friday, July 30, 2010

This pic didn't make it to my last post for some reason. 

Also, I heard last night how my grizzly did in the maple orchard.....did ya notice what was pulling the Rzr out of the mud (last post)..... Go grizzly!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red-nek run pics

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The new project

As if my splitting and stacking 6 cords of wood wasn't enough fun for me..... I'm now mastering the backhoe in my current project: un-rocking the lawn, putting the rocks in the stream where the driveway is being eroded and filling in the massive holes while making them look as undisturbed as humanly possible. I have no control over where the pics are going to be placed on my blog but the two of the stream are self explanitory, the two of grassy areas are where I just dug up two monster rocks and aside from a little soil, they don't look like they've been touched. Mad skillz!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red-nek run 2010

Ron and Sue came up for the weekend and brought a bunch of Ron's work buddies up for the 'red-nek run' which is basically a bunch of us going out on the atvs and having a cook-out, camp out and all around good time. Last year I think 3 guys came and one of their wives.....they showed up on 'hangover night' and so no one was very lively.....they had fun but not as much as it should have and could have been. This year 5 guys came up. Bruce, Ernie, Jeff, Jim and Kevin. They were probably the best crew that I could have imagined. Especially Bruce, he was totally awesome with my kids. He rode 'bitch' (for lack of a better word) on Ashtyn's 4wheeler and he even let her 'drive' his Rzr into the driveway after he gave her her own personal ride. He dealt with and played Taylor's I want up and then I want down game. And he put up with me picking on his very shiny, super purple sleeping bag all day :) and his flower power inflatable matress hahaha. It's all out of love :). Stevie ended up whimping out and bailing on his trail guide duties so Ron took over and made sure the guys still went out and had fun. Us girlies went out for a little run too this year in the morning. Ashtyn went with grandpa (Ron) and Taylor rode with me. Ashtyn's become a little pro about riding but Taylor's still very green. I felt a little, or a lot, out numbered...out of the 8 atvs, I was the only one without a polaris...riding my trusty grizzly. It made it through everything and surprisingly in 2wd the whole time which is more than I can say for a few of the sportmans (haha!). I don't know how well she did in the maple orchard since I skipped that run but i'm sure she got the stuffing beat out of her with Jeremy behind the bars :) We had some awesome and delicious as always marinaded steak tips from Lisai's and Harlow's corn which is so sweet you don't need to drown it with butter for dinner and, can't forget, Sue's stuffed mushrooms....mmmmmm.....for our noontime snack. It was a nice time. We found out the Rzr could make it through some stuff we never imagined possible and that it too would not make it through the maple orchard. It went through a lot though, so much that Jeremy, Ron and Sue all now want one :) or should I say 'two'. I know at my house that's not happening for a long while but I imagine there'll be one here in place of the 500 sportsman soon. I also kind of expect that the annual red-nek run is going to happen 2 or 3 times a year....once just isn't enough.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Going to punta cana, with my in-laws, hubby, kids, bro-in-law and god only knows who april! Happy b-day to me and ashtyn (and no x-mas) :)

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a random update

We had a pretty fun weekend. Justin and crystal came up to visit. Crystal wanted to be one with nature and justin wanted her to not come back unless she was covered in mud. So we went out on jeremy's sport quad and I got her covered in mud, only to find out that he ment really the point where you can't tell where the mud stops and the person we went out again, this time hitting the muck harder and faster, completely and udderly covering us and then the atv kicked out sideways and was stuck in the huge ruts, sideways. So crystal got her one-with-nature time as we tried to find our way out of the woods, in the dark. A few bumps and bruises from ditches and holes we couldn't see and scratches from evil tree branches that were equally invisible, laughing all the way as we sang songs as loud and as out of tune as we could. I blew her mind with my new kids on the block songs from childhood and we recited lines from the goonies. Good times! 
Bryan's up here working in newport with jeremy....hopefully they actually work :) just picking. Jeremy doesn't tend to allow putzing on the job. We're supposedly finishing up the wood work inside the camp on thursday and friday and getting ready for his dad and dad's friends annual adventure 'red nek run at camp crookit' this weekend. Sue's claiming she's not coming so the girls and I are apparently going to have to entertain the troops. 
I found out today that not only is ashtyn on the green mountain flyer's flier and website but she's also on their tv commercial. That's cool. She was pretty excited. I think taylor's going to be in the sammy's friends calender again too. I need to get some pics picked out and submit them, and quickly though. Taylor's been doing pretty well with her new hand. She wasn't very happy about it on saturday which i'm pretty sure was just because of the heat... She didn't want to wear the harness so I put the old hand on it and took the harness system off. The next day she was back to the harness and wanting to wear it. It's a total balancing act right now with her and her use of her new hand. She did the same thing last time too. She didn't really like the zigzag one, she wanted her antiquie dots one. I thought since she only got a new hand instead of the entire arm she'd be less weirded out about the switch but, I think the new cable and harness are still just weird to her. It's only been 5 days since she got it too, so it's still new all around. I know she'll have it figured out and mastered in no time. 

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Video link since it didn't work the other way - Jul 16, 2010 2:51 PM

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24 hours later

Ignore me and my baby talk please :)

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Shrine on Springfield 2010

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's been a month since the walk. My internet access has been lacking to say the least. I'm actually using my phone to get this out and so I appogize in advance for misspelling(s) and that the end of this email is primarily lower case, I mean no disrespect it's just very challenging to get this phone to switch to and from caps and I have already taken way too long to get this out to all of you.

A quick little update on Taylor: her arm was activated on 7/14. We went to SHC to have her annual check up and left with a new hand on her arm which she can open and close on her own. It's a harness system, not hooked up to nerves like I keep being asked :) . She loves it and I know she'll have it mastered within weeks. Also on our visit there, we brought down our can tabs we've collected since our march visit.... 90 gallons (220 pounds/625,000) of tabs!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has and/or is helping to make tabs for taylor such a huge success. 

First I would like to thank: the town of Springfield for allowing us to use the Toonerville Trail, PCM Image-tek for allowing us to use their lot, Roland and Sue Irish at Sunrise Graphics for donating our euro stickers and silk screening, Ray St. Sauveur at Unique Signs for donating the shirts and hoodies, Ron and Sue Precourt for the burgers, dogs and post-walk party location ( I think I can say for everyone we were pretty excited to see the pool ), Clyde, Diane and Opal Gallion for the rolls, buns, salads and other food goodies, Candy and Dave Desrochers, Julie St. Sauveur and Rachel Harrell for drinks, chips and other snacks and last but not least the Discount Food Warehouse for donating water, napkins and plates.

Thank you to everyone who showed their support by walking with us: Travis and Zane Putnam, Chrintine Brehio, Clyde, Diane, Justin and Crystal Gallion (and special thanks C&D for cancelling your trip so you could walk with us),  Jessi, Charlie and Maebel Dussault, Kristi Morris (thank you so much for all you do to help children, it really means the world to me that you could join us), Dennis Chabot, Isaac, Alexis, Ray and Elizabeth, Tonya McAllister, Val Schroeder, Deb Burns, Alethia Ficher and Bryan Butler. The following people drove 100+ miles to walk with us and deserve extra thanks: Cindy and Bill Gravel, Candy and David Desrochers, Sarajane Peck, David Okolita, Suzie Roberts, Landon, David Burbank, Julie St. Sauveur and Rachel Herrel.

We raised $1879.38 this year! And we had 37 walkers, blowing away last years totals of $1420 and 18 walkers. I hope the trend continues and we keep growing bigger and better each year. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children - Springfield, we couldn't have done this without you: Bellows Falls Moose Family Center, Griffin Construction, Crown Point Cabinetry Charity Fund, T-Bird mini mart loose change collection, dona cass, tara todd, jackie demag, rick deschaine, joe paquette, bo hodgdon, ryan hodgman, kevin mcfarland, clyde & diane gallion, vinney croney, paul schofield, michael bryant, kim stowell, opal gallion, norde rau, tony & shawn waters, justin & crystal gallion, kirstie patch, karyne hearne, eileen czechowicz, lis schulte, ann cuadrudo, kathy connair, gwen sheehan, john tomlinson, stephaine burnham, yvette decker, rick sharron, douglas hanson, kathy kennett, bryan lantz, douglas weiss, cindy stevens, lori mcelroy, cindy & bill gravel, dave & mary gravel, ashtyn ora & taylor marie honeycutt, david okolita, dennis chabot, alexis mcallister, elizabeth & ray farnsworth, isaac, hannah welch, kristi morris, val schroeder, debbie burns, alethia ficher, korbin mcelroy, candy & david desrochers, tonya honaker, becky patten, kim wilcox, jane catalfo, paula cacede, dave reeder, jen horton, kristi couch, pauline desrochers, jay scharf, linda drew, and noel/hoffman/gravel.

Thank you all for everything. It really means the world to me that you helped make sos 2010 a success and helped our beloved Shriners Hospital. I hope you all had a good time and that you'll decide to join us again for sos 2011. Have a happy and safe rest of the summer.

All the love in my heart,
Nina Honeycutt

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lovin' her new arm

Thank you Shriners Hospital- Springfield! Taylor had an ot appointment today and she was uncooperative to say the leasy but once she had a nap and some more checking-things-out-on-her-own time she's doing awesome. She was picking up little sticks and her straw wrapper....all sorts of little things. She doesn't mind the harness at all which was a big fear I had. She's just doing so awesome. I can never thank SHC and all the Shriners enough.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taylor had an appointment at shriners hospital today. We brought down the 90 gallons of tabs we've collected over the last 3 months and then we went to her appointment and moments later activated her 'armie'. Instead of the spring loaded thumb she has a body-powered hand! Awesome, awesome stuff.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dirty girl

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