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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red-nek run 2010

Ron and Sue came up for the weekend and brought a bunch of Ron's work buddies up for the 'red-nek run' which is basically a bunch of us going out on the atvs and having a cook-out, camp out and all around good time. Last year I think 3 guys came and one of their wives.....they showed up on 'hangover night' and so no one was very lively.....they had fun but not as much as it should have and could have been. This year 5 guys came up. Bruce, Ernie, Jeff, Jim and Kevin. They were probably the best crew that I could have imagined. Especially Bruce, he was totally awesome with my kids. He rode 'bitch' (for lack of a better word) on Ashtyn's 4wheeler and he even let her 'drive' his Rzr into the driveway after he gave her her own personal ride. He dealt with and played Taylor's I want up and then I want down game. And he put up with me picking on his very shiny, super purple sleeping bag all day :) and his flower power inflatable matress hahaha. It's all out of love :). Stevie ended up whimping out and bailing on his trail guide duties so Ron took over and made sure the guys still went out and had fun. Us girlies went out for a little run too this year in the morning. Ashtyn went with grandpa (Ron) and Taylor rode with me. Ashtyn's become a little pro about riding but Taylor's still very green. I felt a little, or a lot, out numbered...out of the 8 atvs, I was the only one without a polaris...riding my trusty grizzly. It made it through everything and surprisingly in 2wd the whole time which is more than I can say for a few of the sportmans (haha!). I don't know how well she did in the maple orchard since I skipped that run but i'm sure she got the stuffing beat out of her with Jeremy behind the bars :) We had some awesome and delicious as always marinaded steak tips from Lisai's and Harlow's corn which is so sweet you don't need to drown it with butter for dinner and, can't forget, Sue's stuffed mushrooms....mmmmmm.....for our noontime snack. It was a nice time. We found out the Rzr could make it through some stuff we never imagined possible and that it too would not make it through the maple orchard. It went through a lot though, so much that Jeremy, Ron and Sue all now want one :) or should I say 'two'. I know at my house that's not happening for a long while but I imagine there'll be one here in place of the 500 sportsman soon. I also kind of expect that the annual red-nek run is going to happen 2 or 3 times a year....once just isn't enough.

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