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Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a random update

We had a pretty fun weekend. Justin and crystal came up to visit. Crystal wanted to be one with nature and justin wanted her to not come back unless she was covered in mud. So we went out on jeremy's sport quad and I got her covered in mud, only to find out that he ment really the point where you can't tell where the mud stops and the person we went out again, this time hitting the muck harder and faster, completely and udderly covering us and then the atv kicked out sideways and was stuck in the huge ruts, sideways. So crystal got her one-with-nature time as we tried to find our way out of the woods, in the dark. A few bumps and bruises from ditches and holes we couldn't see and scratches from evil tree branches that were equally invisible, laughing all the way as we sang songs as loud and as out of tune as we could. I blew her mind with my new kids on the block songs from childhood and we recited lines from the goonies. Good times! 
Bryan's up here working in newport with jeremy....hopefully they actually work :) just picking. Jeremy doesn't tend to allow putzing on the job. We're supposedly finishing up the wood work inside the camp on thursday and friday and getting ready for his dad and dad's friends annual adventure 'red nek run at camp crookit' this weekend. Sue's claiming she's not coming so the girls and I are apparently going to have to entertain the troops. 
I found out today that not only is ashtyn on the green mountain flyer's flier and website but she's also on their tv commercial. That's cool. She was pretty excited. I think taylor's going to be in the sammy's friends calender again too. I need to get some pics picked out and submit them, and quickly though. Taylor's been doing pretty well with her new hand. She wasn't very happy about it on saturday which i'm pretty sure was just because of the heat... She didn't want to wear the harness so I put the old hand on it and took the harness system off. The next day she was back to the harness and wanting to wear it. It's a total balancing act right now with her and her use of her new hand. She did the same thing last time too. She didn't really like the zigzag one, she wanted her antiquie dots one. I thought since she only got a new hand instead of the entire arm she'd be less weirded out about the switch but, I think the new cable and harness are still just weird to her. It's only been 5 days since she got it too, so it's still new all around. I know she'll have it figured out and mastered in no time. 

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