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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthdays, dogs, building & friends

Where is october going? I can't keep up!

4 of my loved ones celebrate their birthdays this month: Ron, Davie, my Mom and my Dad.

We have had a bunch of friends and family make it up to the nek to visit us this month too. Jessi came up with her little cutie pies charlie and maebel and the little bun in the oven that i'm so excited to meet in february. I didn't even know she and griffin were expecting..... I hadn't seen her or really even spoken with her since shrine on 2010 back in june. I was so happy to see them, as were the girls.

Next, justin, clyde and diane gallion made it up. Clyde and diane have never been here. Ron & sue have tried for the past 11 years to get them to come up and finally they did. Nothing beats friends and cold ones around the camp fire. Diane spoiled us too with a bunch of snacks and goodies and lisai's. They also brought up around 20 disney movies and a couple vcrs for the girls. Jeremy and I have {shhhh, it's a secret} been enjoying the new movies as well. I think we've watched the 50 or so I brought up about a dozen we've been pretty ansy to see something 'new'. The gallion clan stayed saturday night and around lunchtime they headed over to derby to go pick out and pick up their new puppy. She's a golden lab and I guess is bruiser's (ron & sue's youngest lab) niece. Shortly after their departure from camp, my aunt cindy and uncle mark (who I get to see once a year if i'm lucky) and cousin leslie (who i've seen maybe 4 times in the past 9 years) snuck over for a visit before they headed back down home from visiting mark's mom who lives a few miles away from us. It was an awesome weekend. It's kind of funny, I see more of my friends and family now that i've moved 2 1/2 hours away from them.

As for our addition building project: we've come a long ways since my last update.
We got the ends closed up and soffets in, the walls are insulated and we have plywood up as a temporary wall covering, the toilet, water heater, shower and bathroom sink are all in and working, we have some really nice linoleum on the bathroom floor, the storage area is insulated and some new light fixtures and outlets are in. Sue picked up a new front loader washing machine to replace our freebie piece if junk one {omg i'm sooooo excited} which will be up here soon and i'm working on insulating under the floor. My kitchen has had a major face lift in reverse though. We put in the door to go from old camp to the new part and in order to do it we had to take out the 10 foot counter which was the only real storage here and take down one of the cupboards. So I now have 2 cupboards on the wall and one on the floor which is also being used as a shelf for cereal and everything in the kitchen is kind of all over the place. And since I have no kitchen sink still, I still have to clean the dishes in the shower :(. But it's getting there. As far as right now goes, jeremy has friday off so we should be able to get the sink in and I hope to have the floor insulation done. I kind of want him to be here for that project because I have to use the table saw and I want everything cut correctly and it's too scary in my mind anyway, to run that thing with kids around. I can't wait though to have it done. To do the dishes in a sink, laundry not being washed by hand (again) and get the girls set up in their own room. Oh it'll be an awesome day. 

We 'might' have a new dog. Her name is chelsea and she's almost 2. She's is an excellent dog. She doesn't need to be leashed or penned up, she stays right with you and she just loves the abuse the kids give her. Courtney tollerates abuse.....this dog seriously cherishes it. The two are an excellent match. I hope everything works out and we get to keep her. Right now is supposed to be a sort of test run to make sure the dogs like one another and that we like being a two dog family. She reminds me so much of my dog brandy. If courtney and cheslea were mushed into one dog, that would be brandy. I think that's why I wanted her so much. But we'll see how everything goes. 

Hopefully i'm working soon. This paycheck to paycheck garbage is beyond old and I am done trying to borrow a nickel today, to pay back yesterdays dime at the price of a quarter. I've had it. I exhausted every avenue and turned up empty handed and broken armed. Last week I found 3 new roads to check out and am on it like there's no tomorrow.

Oh yeah, taylor turned herself into the jolly green midget. Funny huh. The girls found the food coloring and decided taylor would make a lovely baby shrek. Dawn and baby wipes work washed almost all of it off. She has a little spot of her wrist and the soles of her feet are green, but everything else is gone.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Letter to santa

Dearest santa claus,

Last night we received our first of many flakes to come. I truly thought jeremy was messing with me until I looked outside and saw that evil white garbage all over the place.

One would think that being a northern new englander for 29 years, my entire life, would have conditioned me to accept, tollerate or even, dare I say it, 'enjoy' the winter weather. Well, not so much.

I can not stand the cold. In my perfect world it's never below 75. And i'd prefer it to be around 85-90: tank top only on my harley weather. That would be great.

I do ask for a white christmas but i'd also like it to be back in the 70's on the 26th. I've been a good girl. 


I'll leave out extra cookies for you :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Twin state jeeps n things 3rd annual toy drive

I just received this email from
Dave, twin state jeeps n thing vp. Jeremy and I used to be a part of this group. We enjoyed many a muddy, rocky, trail-blazing runs with this group as well as helping out with the annual toy drive and monthly food shelf collections. This year has been especially tough for jeremy and I and we are unfortunately not going to be able to help out like we wish we could, so i'm posting this on my blog and facebook in hopes that others back near home can maybe help out.

The toys need to be dropped off or a pick up scheduled by november 5th. If you plan to make a monetary donation and/or you are a business looking to sponsor, i'd recommend contacting dave asap.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to all who help. Here's wishing tsjnt a huge 3rd annual toy drive!!!! We miss you guys.

"I am sending this to everyone on my contacts list because this is important to me. Twin State Jeeps N Things of whom I am the Vice President of is asking for your help. We raised over 300 toys for families in Claremont and surrounding communities last year. This will be our 3rd annual toy drive and I need your help. We are looking for (New) if possible, clean unused toys for the toy drive. Books and board games are also wonderful. We are also looking for donations to purchase toys. A donation of as little as $5.00 goes a long way to help someone. If an individual or BUSINESS would like to donate, a $50.00 donation gets your name and or business logo on our sponsor web page for one year.
We ask that you check out our web page at: for more information on what we do as a club for our community.
Toys can be picked up by us at your convenience. If you are interested in sending a cash donation please send it to:
Dave Collise
C/O Twin State Jeeps N Things- Toy Drive
8 Hardy Ave.
Claremont NH. 03743"

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photographic evidence

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Building, building and more building

The addition is coming along. It's not a super fast paced project but we're going as fast as we can.

It rained from saturday the 25th until saturday oct 2! We had flood warnings in effect from noon on october 1st until around 2am on the second. Parts of hinman settler rd (the road that brings us to 'civilization') were under water, and today when I went into orleans I was detored because they're trying to 'fix' the bridge. Jeremy's train tracks washed away again somewhere up here. When we were in st. J, we were detored because the river was over route 5 and the town and police had center brownington shut down because the church, farm and road (5 way intersection) in the very center, were under water.

So with all this water barrelling out of the sky, putting slippy tyvek and tin roofing on a very freaking steep roof (with a busted arm no less) was not an option. But saturday, the skies cleared. And although it was cold as my idea of hell, jeremy and I got the tyvek and metal roofing up. Unfortunately, we were one piece shy {you wouldn't expect anything to go smoothly for us would you???? Where do you think 'chaos and mayhem' came from? Such is my life}. So, the roof is 'almost dome'. Then we got the 4 windows in and I cleaned them up.....soooo pretty. After that we went to bed. We'd had it. The next morning we set out to get some more accomplished. Now all the walls have plywood. Yay! and we started in on the big triangle opening {i have no idea what they're called}. The 'to do' list for this week end (if anything goes well) is: finish big triangle things, metal roof 100% finished, tyvek the outside walls, shower, toilet, water heater, sink all into and hooked up in the new bathroom area and outside door in place. If we manage to get all of that done, which I pray is finished friday, then we need to work on insulating, cutting out the wall and putting up the inside door and maybe some actual siding getting put up. Some point soon we also need to get the rest of the inside walls covered and trimmed. Oh the never ending joys.

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