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Friday, October 15, 2010

Twin state jeeps n things 3rd annual toy drive

I just received this email from
Dave, twin state jeeps n thing vp. Jeremy and I used to be a part of this group. We enjoyed many a muddy, rocky, trail-blazing runs with this group as well as helping out with the annual toy drive and monthly food shelf collections. This year has been especially tough for jeremy and I and we are unfortunately not going to be able to help out like we wish we could, so i'm posting this on my blog and facebook in hopes that others back near home can maybe help out.

The toys need to be dropped off or a pick up scheduled by november 5th. If you plan to make a monetary donation and/or you are a business looking to sponsor, i'd recommend contacting dave asap.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to all who help. Here's wishing tsjnt a huge 3rd annual toy drive!!!! We miss you guys.

"I am sending this to everyone on my contacts list because this is important to me. Twin State Jeeps N Things of whom I am the Vice President of is asking for your help. We raised over 300 toys for families in Claremont and surrounding communities last year. This will be our 3rd annual toy drive and I need your help. We are looking for (New) if possible, clean unused toys for the toy drive. Books and board games are also wonderful. We are also looking for donations to purchase toys. A donation of as little as $5.00 goes a long way to help someone. If an individual or BUSINESS would like to donate, a $50.00 donation gets your name and or business logo on our sponsor web page for one year.
We ask that you check out our web page at: for more information on what we do as a club for our community.
Toys can be picked up by us at your convenience. If you are interested in sending a cash donation please send it to:
Dave Collise
C/O Twin State Jeeps N Things- Toy Drive
8 Hardy Ave.
Claremont NH. 03743"

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