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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Building, building and more building

The addition is coming along. It's not a super fast paced project but we're going as fast as we can.

It rained from saturday the 25th until saturday oct 2! We had flood warnings in effect from noon on october 1st until around 2am on the second. Parts of hinman settler rd (the road that brings us to 'civilization') were under water, and today when I went into orleans I was detored because they're trying to 'fix' the bridge. Jeremy's train tracks washed away again somewhere up here. When we were in st. J, we were detored because the river was over route 5 and the town and police had center brownington shut down because the church, farm and road (5 way intersection) in the very center, were under water.

So with all this water barrelling out of the sky, putting slippy tyvek and tin roofing on a very freaking steep roof (with a busted arm no less) was not an option. But saturday, the skies cleared. And although it was cold as my idea of hell, jeremy and I got the tyvek and metal roofing up. Unfortunately, we were one piece shy {you wouldn't expect anything to go smoothly for us would you???? Where do you think 'chaos and mayhem' came from? Such is my life}. So, the roof is 'almost dome'. Then we got the 4 windows in and I cleaned them up.....soooo pretty. After that we went to bed. We'd had it. The next morning we set out to get some more accomplished. Now all the walls have plywood. Yay! and we started in on the big triangle opening {i have no idea what they're called}. The 'to do' list for this week end (if anything goes well) is: finish big triangle things, metal roof 100% finished, tyvek the outside walls, shower, toilet, water heater, sink all into and hooked up in the new bathroom area and outside door in place. If we manage to get all of that done, which I pray is finished friday, then we need to work on insulating, cutting out the wall and putting up the inside door and maybe some actual siding getting put up. Some point soon we also need to get the rest of the inside walls covered and trimmed. Oh the never ending joys.

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