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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm going to save it......for now

As if the 29 letters Monday weren't enough............another 60 today!!!!! The only comfort I have right now is knowing it cost these jerks $39.16 to mail this crap to me. F them!

Another day in paradise

I have another fight with my insurance company today about Taylor's "unapproved diagnosis". I've pretty much determined that our coverage is minimally useful at best. It covers the basic well-child check ups...... and I think that is about it. I paid more for medical care last year, than I made for the year last year. Same with 2008. I'm not impressed by any means. After my informative-and-not-helpful-at-all conversation with the insurance company, I called the billing lady at Taylor's PT's office to talk to her about what was going on and to see where we stood and what to do. She basically confirmed my feelings about my insurance company not knowing ANYTHING and not covering anything and basically being being junk in general, and then calmed me back down by informing me that this would in no way harm Taylor: she will still continue to get her OT/PT and if the insurance co doesn't pay, then that's that. The PT group will basically eat the loss. If it weren't for this group and Shriners Hospital, I don't even know, nor do I want to think about, were Taylor would be right now. I, and Taylor, are so fortunate these 2 companies exist and are willing and able to help her. I am eternally grateful.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When it pours.....

Last night when I got the mail it was a surprisingly huge wad of envelopes. Roughly 30 letters. I open a huge envelope from SHC. It contains this really nice golden certificate thanking us again for our fundraising and letting us know they have put us in "the golden book" of donors. I'm so excited about it and I run right upstairs and frame it and then proceed to get to the other 29 envelopes. 2 bills, a couple junk mail things and then 20 envelopes are left which are frighteningly all the same size.....and all from our insurance company. Do you hear the jaws theme playing.....du dut du dut....
anyway, so I grab one and open it up and Jeremy sees the stack and starts opening one, you have got to be shitting me. These idiots sent us 19 letters informing us that they were billing Taylor's physical therapist for her services because they over paid them. Hello!?!?! Taylor's therapy is $160 bucks each visit and she usually has one each week. These friggin morons didn't start paying anything until a couple months ago and they only paid like $110 of it. So all the while the PT's company has been eating the loss. Now these assholes want the little bit they did pay back because "Taylor's diagnosis is an unapproved condition" I respond with, "Unapproved condition, seriously?" While I really feel like screaming: GO F YOURSELF! "Yeah, I'm sorry but we're not going to be able to cover these services" You have got to be kidding me.....
this is awesome!
They don't and won't cover her prosthetics, or anything that goes with them, ie visiting the ortho for the rx for the prosthetic, the suspension sleeves, the socks that go on her arm....nothing. And now they won't cover her physical therapy!?!?! If it weren't for her PT, she'd still be walking like an 80 year old pirate, and her arms would still be glued to her sides, and her balance would still likely be totally out of wack. Her PT has worked on so much more than just making sure she could use her prosthetic and do things without it.

The gov't has given us the FO
The state has given us the FO
and now our insurance company

what the hell is wrong with people?

Prosthetics are cosmetic, no pre-existing conditions, how 'bout FO to that!

If I ever hear prosthetics are cosmetic again, the idiot who says it to me will likely get punched in the face.

And so now, on top of the BS with them billing the therapist, that also messed up our deductable so we'll likely be paying a bunch more money for other visits that were previously covered and either the therapy group has to eat the entirety of the bills or we won't be able to have her come as often, if at all. Super! I'm so irritated right now......there are no words.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for some much needed rambling...

I finally have a couple months off from the neverending birthdays. My goodness there are a ton of them in December and January. Not to mention the 4 thousands Christmas's and New Years Eve...ahhhh. Anyway, if you have checked out my slide show below, you'll see the kids faces all banged up. Ashtyn had a cavity that needed to be filled....she did great up until the ride home when she fell asleep and chewed her poor lip almost off! Then the next night Taylor was chasing Ashtyn around the living room and slipped on a blanket that was on the floor...SMASH...right into the coffee table. Ripped her poor lip and gums. I think her Daddy (and I) cried as much as she did. So that week, I had the privilege of a dental visit and 2 trips to the doctors office...ugh! And because of the first dr's visit I get to go down to Shriners again in 4 weeks....which is awesome.... and scary. Its awesome because I obviously love having any reason to go there, the scary part is that Taylor needs to get her feet looked at. She walks "funny" and has some pretty bad flat footedness(?) so her pedi wants an ortho to check her out. I know at least if she does need some sort of help with her feet then SHC is where I want her to be. This past weekend we went up to Newport/Brownington, VT. And when I say "we" I mean a ton of us. Jeremy, me, the girls, Ron, Sue, Justin, Crystal, Mack, Shawn, Greg...and 3 dogs... all fighting for sleeping space at camp. It worked out well even though it was cramped. We also found out the f-350 won't stand up to being t-boned by a mac....I was right there and I still don't know how exactly it happened..... sometime around midnight Mack ran full bore into our truck. The truck never stood a chance. He kind of killed our door. And this was after he rolled Jeremy's death quad....while we weren't even there...... which is why I don't leave my keys to ANYTHING, EVER. Mack is fine and Jeremy is surprisingly calm......I cetainly wouldn't be..... but boys will be boys I guess. Friday night (which is why we weren't at camp when the ATV was in a one- manned collision)Jeremy and I were at East Side for the Vermont Railroad's Christmas/New Years/Retirement dinner. Awesome food, 4 courses of it, and an open bar (thank goodness....their drinks are pricey) and no kids allowed at the meal..... oh man. I honestly think that was the first time since our honeymoon that we had dinner at a restaraunt without at least one of the kids. Those 4 hours were definitely a VERY MUCH needed break.~~~~Thanks Ron and Sue~~~~~
That pretty much sums up the excitement of the last few weeks.

On another SHC note:

MARK YOUR CALENDERS!!!! I have set the date for SHrINE ON SPRINGFIELD 2010. Its going to be Saturday June 5. It will be at the Toonerville Trail in Springfield, VT, registration starts at 9:30 and the walk will start at 10. Its going to be the full trail this year, so get ready!

My Dad (Unique Signs) said he is going to purchase the tshirts again and Roland Irish III (Sunrise Graphics) is donating the stickers and silk screening supplies (and his shop space so I can ink the shirts again.) Huge thanks go out to both of you!!!!!

I'm still in the process of figuring out the post-walk party, food, etc. I've got a bunch of ideas/plans.... its just a matter of time and pulling it together. I'm sure it will work out no matter and I know that at least as far as last year's participants went, they'd all have been there whether we had the party after or not.

TABS FOR TAYLOR is going well. We've collected around 162,000 tabs to date and more are being gathered up almost daily. Taylor's PT/OT brought in 2 bags full from a co-worker last week and she brought one of my jugs to the office/daycare in hopes that others will get involved. Our Parents As Teachers home visitor is rallying troops in her circle to start saving them and I'm hoping to talk with her supervisor and the other groups at her office building to see if I could put up another community drop box there. The Old #4 Fire & Hose Ladies Auxiliary in Charlestown (who started Tabs For Taylor) voted at their last meeting to put up a community drop box for tabs. Hopefully soon we will be overwhelmed with tabs.

I'm out of blog time...Taylor just told me nap time is over.

Photos of the month(s)

I have been so busy I can't even see straight. You'd think with less kids to take care off and no money to go out to do anything I'd have all the time in the world.....nope! Here's a tidbit of pics of the 3-4 weeks. Bump after bruise, gash after bite, a little snow, a little camp, a ton to talk about, and no time yet to do it. Maybe nap time will be kind today. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ATVs to be allowed on state land: Times Argus Online

Awesome good news!!!!! (as long as it really happens)

ATVs to be allowed on state land: Times Argus Online

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Monday, January 4, 2010

U.S. snowboarder Pearce remains hospitalized

U.S. snowboarder Pearce remains hospitalized

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