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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When it pours.....

Last night when I got the mail it was a surprisingly huge wad of envelopes. Roughly 30 letters. I open a huge envelope from SHC. It contains this really nice golden certificate thanking us again for our fundraising and letting us know they have put us in "the golden book" of donors. I'm so excited about it and I run right upstairs and frame it and then proceed to get to the other 29 envelopes. 2 bills, a couple junk mail things and then 20 envelopes are left which are frighteningly all the same size.....and all from our insurance company. Do you hear the jaws theme playing.....du dut du dut....
anyway, so I grab one and open it up and Jeremy sees the stack and starts opening one, you have got to be shitting me. These idiots sent us 19 letters informing us that they were billing Taylor's physical therapist for her services because they over paid them. Hello!?!?! Taylor's therapy is $160 bucks each visit and she usually has one each week. These friggin morons didn't start paying anything until a couple months ago and they only paid like $110 of it. So all the while the PT's company has been eating the loss. Now these assholes want the little bit they did pay back because "Taylor's diagnosis is an unapproved condition" I respond with, "Unapproved condition, seriously?" While I really feel like screaming: GO F YOURSELF! "Yeah, I'm sorry but we're not going to be able to cover these services" You have got to be kidding me.....
this is awesome!
They don't and won't cover her prosthetics, or anything that goes with them, ie visiting the ortho for the rx for the prosthetic, the suspension sleeves, the socks that go on her arm....nothing. And now they won't cover her physical therapy!?!?! If it weren't for her PT, she'd still be walking like an 80 year old pirate, and her arms would still be glued to her sides, and her balance would still likely be totally out of wack. Her PT has worked on so much more than just making sure she could use her prosthetic and do things without it.

The gov't has given us the FO
The state has given us the FO
and now our insurance company

what the hell is wrong with people?

Prosthetics are cosmetic, no pre-existing conditions, how 'bout FO to that!

If I ever hear prosthetics are cosmetic again, the idiot who says it to me will likely get punched in the face.

And so now, on top of the BS with them billing the therapist, that also messed up our deductable so we'll likely be paying a bunch more money for other visits that were previously covered and either the therapy group has to eat the entirety of the bills or we won't be able to have her come as often, if at all. Super! I'm so irritated right now......there are no words.