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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The best place on earth

It was punk day for miss Taylor...she finally has some hair...I felt the need to show it by putting it in a mohawk

The girls and I went to Shriners Hospital yesterday to get Taylor's new arm. Every time I go there I love it more and more. We got there ridiculously early but it never really matters, there's so many people to see and talk to and wonderful things to look at and things to do. Ashtyn and I had a quick lunch outside since Taylor was sleeping when we pulled in and then I grabbed the gigantic trash bag of soda tabs

(this is only a portion of what I brought in....and yes that is a 5 gallon bucket... Many thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary in Charlestown.....we love you)

and Taylor and in we went. We weren't even there 5 minutes and Ashtyn was ready to live there forever. Her big thrill for the day was getting to see Sulley (from Monsters, Inc)....well that "big" adventure was tossed out to see Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Sylvester and Pepere LePew who were visiting Shriners Hospital from Six Flags. Tweety was in love with Taylor, Ashtyn was in love with all of them, and Taylor was kind of like, why are these "little" animals bigger than me?

I thought Ashtyn might have a break down when the characters left but luckily there were some volunteers with a playdough station set up....crisis avoided...yay. Someone didn't show for their appointment, so we had ours early.... We got her new arm and then Rob (her prosthetist) showed me how to change the hand.....6 months of having this thing, I would have thought I would have figured that one out on my own....duh.... so she has 2 hands or her prosthetic now.... the new one is a bit larger than the old one and her real hand...its Ashtyn's size...or maybe a little bigger...but its the only size they make that hand in...she'll grow into it. And I know Kristy (her therapist) will work her magic teaching skill wand and Taylor will be a pro at using it and picking things up with it in no time. After our visit in O&P we went out to the lobby area and hung out there for at least an hour. Seriously this place is just awesome. I know I'm a pretty boring individual, but SHC rocks! We hung out with the receptionists and Ashtyn and Taylor played with the ball machine thingy.... and a Shriner from Pyramid Shrine in CT, Robert "Bob" Harriman and his wonderful wife..... I'm so sorry I forgot your name..... they played with the kids and spoke with me... it was a wonderful time. Bob put his Fez on Taylor, it was so cute. And of cource as usual my pictures are super limited.....I need to drag someone with me on visits just to take pictures for me. The publicity crew did take a bunch of pics of me and the girls with the characters and when I get the email, I post those pics too.

Bob and Taylor

The ball machine thingy....and Ashtyn's favorite seat

A good sign :)

It was a great time and a great day...even with the over tiredness..... I'll post some pics of Taylor's new arm today hopefully...she wasn't very interested in any more photos being taken last night.

These are the pics they took of us...

Can't tell I'm embarrased....