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Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy, busy, busy....As always

Last Wednesday we went to the petting zoo again and went blueberry picking since the strawberries are done. Jessi and her kids joined us as did Amie and her son. As usual, the kids ate more berries than they picked. But they all had a blast with the animals again. This time they all managed to find peacock feathers on the ground so they got some souvenirs. We had a little PB&J picnic there too which was nice. Thursday morning I drove out to Springfield to pick up the new-to-us brush hog Sue bought for the tractor. I wish I took before pics of it..... bright red, a hint of surface rust, but in all around good shape. Saturday the thing kicked my butt. I grinded and sanded and painted and now my arms feel like they're going to fall off. It now has not even a speck of rust and is Kubota orange (to match the tractor...and the backhoe)...who says you can't be a hick and fashionable at the same time. Then on Sunday....Jeremy, the kids and I made the 2 1/2 hour trek up to Winnipesaukee and surprised my Mom, Dave, Ryan and Julie for Julie's birthday. We surprised everyone else that showed up too. The last time we were up there was 387 days ago...(July 4, 2008)...this was Taylor's first trip to Alton. We all had a great time. Ashtyn had a tea party with Grand Ma Ma and Papa...which no one else was allowed to join in.... And both kids just loved every ounce of never ending attention. The ride home they weren't so happy about but...that's expected. Tomorrow, its going to be almost 90 degrees out and SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are planning a swimming adventure. Scary stuff right white bum in a bathing suit....and in public. Yikes.