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Friday, July 24, 2009

What is wrong with people?!

I'm in a pretty crud mood and since I'm super cool and have nothing to do I have turned to my newest best friends in the blogging world for a dose of cheer-me-up. Well, not so much. I've just recently found out about google's blog search engine ( yes I know I'm slow) and so I typed in "daycare" to see if I could find any ideas of stuff to do with my kids (mine and the "borrowed ones") and this was what popped up:48 babies killed and 2 dozen more severely burned, Daycare Lawsuit filed over 2 year old found in back seat of van, Daycare operator Charged.... this one titled Daycare Disputes kills me. Not the statement of the original source, but the woman who responded to her question...... her kid was taken from the daycare center by some random guy!!!!!!!!!! What the hell?!??!?!? This is why my kids are not in daycare. This is why I stay home, why I take others kids in, even when days like today make me want to throw in the towel. I can't even imagine what that mother is going through. I'd kill. There would not be a chance for sorry. I don't care if the kid was returned safe, I would kill. Flat out. Death. Oh my god! I'm by no means Mother of the Year or Caregiver of the year but I make damn sure the kids are safe. I fear everyday that the estranged parent of one of my kids might show up and want to take him/her...or that some random psycho might show up..... I know that my life would be put on the line for any of the kids.... if my dog doesn't kill them, hopefully I could at least stop them.... I'd at least give it my all. Wow. I'm so saddened by those stories. I wonder all the time if I'm really doing what's best for my girls, staying home with them instead of sending them off to a daycare center with other kids...... I'm probably never going to question myself again. I hope the parents of the kids I watch realize how good they've apparently got it too. If some person shows up at my door asking for a kid, they have to show me ID and be on the kids list of emergency release people. And I'd still call the parent (depending on the circumstance) to ask them and/or chew them out for not letting me know the person was coming. And this one Daycare operator charged um...hello..... why are there not more stay at home parents? And who is licensing these idiots?