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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More info and request for stories and tributes for Gary Martineau's funeral service

Hello Dear Family and Friends,

The Minister officiating at Gary's Memorial Serive has requested that we send her any stories and or tributes we'd like to tell, good, positive, and funny ones, I hope. Even if you cannot attend, if there is a memory of Gary you'd like to share, please send it along to the address below. If you know of persons who will not be in attendance (especially our more elderly relatives or those who live far away) but would like to share a memory, if you would please gather and send the information for them, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The Minister is:
the Reverend Leslie, Pastor
The First Congregational Church of Croydon
email address is:
phone number is (Email me for it)

Also, if you have photos you'd like to bring along to share, we will have a place to put those for everyone to see.

Yesterday, as we sat with Anna, Gary's daughter, it seemed like the more we talked about funny, silly things we'd done as kids, the more memories came up--some of them I'm surprised that our parents didn't spank our bottoms off for doing; but then, we were just kids back then. Nearly all the memories I have of Gary have one or more of you in them: the visits to Canada, Merrimack, Nashua, Manchester, the big family dinners at Memere & Pepere's house or at your mom and dads' houses, and the wonderful days spend at the beach with a BBQ and picnic. I can still see him loading up his "Stingray" bike with fishing basket and pole and heading up to Red Water Brook in hopes of landing a nice Trout, or scooting around in Uncle Normand's driveway with Alan on Alan's little dirt bike, or making a snow fort in the back yard. Ah . . . a life taken too soon, for sure.

The Reception/Gathering after the Memorial Service will be held at Ramuntos, 71 Broad St., Claremont, following the service. The web site is: You and your family are cordially invited to join us there. If you have not already done so, please RSVP to me ( if you plan to attend.

Cousin Lucy (Martineu) Proulx