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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fall Mountain Class of 99 update

This was sent over the weekend to everyone listed on FMRHS class of 99 on facebook... now visible for anyone out there who might be interested......

"Mara Sullivan sent a message to the members of Holy Crap, We're Old. Fall Mountain Class Of 99 Ten Year Reunion.

Subject: Reunion Details + Website

Hey Guys!
Happy July 4th. So I met with the people at the Best Western Sovereign Hotel yesterday. They've "done over" the ball room. Woot! Actually, it still looks the same. :)

So, here's the deal: we will have a buffet dinner, which includes choice of two entrees, a starch, two veggies, salad, bread, tea, and coffee. There will be a cash bar.

For the room, and the food, the tickets will be $35 each. I'll need your $$$ by FRIDAY AUG 14 in order to give the hotel a final count.

As for the music, I think a DJ would be too expensive, and I'd like to keep the cost of the tickets down. We were thinking of doing a playlist and getting some speakers, hooked up to a sound-dock. I did that for a party once and it worked out really well. You can email me songs to add to the playlist if you'd like.

Also, for those people you know who aren't on facebook, I've set up a website. It has all the info I've discussed here, as well as my contact info. You can direct people there. Check it out!;

The next couple of weeks I'll be hunting down our classmates, and I might need your help...I'll be contacting you individually if I need some leads. And Sam Baldasaro (now Aubin) is going to contact the high school and see if they have any addresses/phone numbers.

Ok, I'm getting excited! Looking forward to seeing everybody.