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Sunday, July 19, 2009

So the last 10 days flew right by......

Friday the 10th, was the beginning of it all..... I got the go-ahead from all my kids' parents to take the kiddo's strawberry picking and to the petting zoo (both are conveniently located at the same place). Jessi, Maebel and Charlie were originally going to be joining us but at the last minute Jessi got an invite to the ocean, so we got ditched..... I do not blame her one bit.... I would have ditched to go to the ocean too. Especially since her "invitor" was doing all the driving......So I packed up the 5 kids and myself and off we went for a day of animals and berries. I have never seen these kids have so much fun as they did that day at Wellwood. Oodles of fun, oodles of poop on shoes ( thank goodness I asked the parents for 2 sets of shoes) and oodles of berries in their tummies. A full day of fun for about 6 bucks for the 7 of us. You almost can't beat that.

Once 5:15 pm came around and my last "borrowed" child went home, Jeremy and I along with Ashtyn and Taylor made our 2 1/2 hour trek up to Brownington for 9 days of just us and nature. (and a little bit of tv thanks to the generator). We got there around 9-9:30 (we had to stop for gas and pee breaks etc), unpacked and went to bed. The next day was the annual pig roast (which turned out to be not a pig roast this year....we had beef instead.... I pigged out on the chili I made and the huge fruit salad someone else had brought) over at the Glodgett's. As usual the food was awesome and the fireworks were great. Ashtyn and Taylor both had a blast. Ashtyn fell in love with a little boy named Thomas and Taylor was infatuated with Joe and Rita's little girl.... I forgot her name again....sorry...... And everyone there was awesome. They are all really great at involving the kids in practically everything. The fireworks ended around 10 and at that point it was definitely time for the kiddos to be in bed so we went back to camp. Jeremy and the other guys decided it wasn't their bed times yet so they went out with the ATVs or whatever they had to ride on. I went to bed with the girls and woke up around 4am to : "just so you know when you get up, my atv's done for the summer" WTF? He is ok and all is fine, but his atv.......definitely out of commission for at least most of the remainder of 2009. Apparently he stood it up on a crazy steep hill and instead of it finishing its ascent up the hill, it decided to fall on its face and roll down the hill. Lucky for my death defying mad man of a husband he is really (sadly) good at ditching the crash and so he ditched and only has a little bruise on him (a big one on his ego) and a huge one on the atv. That day the kids and I went to the park and let Jeremy sleep off his anger about crashing. The rest of the week was less exciting. A lot of clearing "our" land (hopefully it will be ours) and burning brush. We did see tons of wild life, which is the norm up there, but it was better than usual this time. We saw 2 moose, together, just 2 fields down from our cow path (road), a ton of Mommy dears and babies, huge wild rabbits, and tons of random enormous birds that were enjoying something very near by the camp.... there was a sad animal story on the adventure home Sunday morning.... someone was driving south, like us, an apparently their hatch opened up on their car which spilled out a bunch of clothing.... and the family dog.....right onto 91. Needless to say the dog didn't survive the tuck and roll............ Thursday night Ron and Sue showed up. I swear they came up only to scare the life out of me and have a good laugh about it. Ron got this huge GIGANTIC black spider that was at his work and stuck in in the shower. Everyone had a good ha raw about it.....except for Ashtyn. I had to pet the thing to prove to her it was fake. Friday we dubbed around Newport and Derby. Saturday we went to the circus at IROC..... and we decided to not bother once we got there. Instead Ashtyn got a pony ride, cotton candy and some bouncy house action. Then we peeked around inside IROC and then went to the GoKart place down the road for a 3 generation race between Grandpa, Daddy and Ashtyn. Then some lunch and fun at the huge play area at McDonald's. After a full day of running around we went back to camp for our last night of no-extra-kids and packed our stuff. Then unfortunately today arrived and we had to depart. So we drove home, unpacked, made my phone calls, checked my 254 emails!!!!!! and now here I am.

.....oh yeah....and it rained......a lot. and hailed and rained and tsunami and blah. Mother nature doesn't like me. Its only when I have plans in July it rains.