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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rustic? Spoiled rustic, maybe.

Yes it is a big bit out of the norm but it has everything you could really ever need. We have a fridge and freezer, heater and a water heater all thanks to the power of propane. We have a flushing toilet,  3 tvs, dvd players, vcr's, more movies than I can watch in a month, a huge generator to power the things the propane doesn't, big huge batteries that can power the stuff too, a wood stove along with my monster stack of wood to burn (the photo doesn't do it justice but it is taller wider and longer than the 8 person camper), a washing machine and microwave now, and 4 insulated walls and a roof over head. And if that's not enough fun, we've got 3 atv's (4 if you count taylor's power wheels), the tractor with 5 or 6 implements, 2 streams, our little clearing along the rest of the 80 acres to play on, an awesome atv trail down to our friends houses and we can even ride our atv's on all the town roads! That sounds like some good fun to me. I've got all of this in my yard (in laws yard :) ) ...... The only other things I need like stores and a reminder of why I like being a hermit (those people are everywhere), I just drive into newport or derby, like 6 miles away, and all is good. We even have a mcdonald's. The only thing this area doesn't have to offer is a walmart, but we don't need it. We've got the nek walmart: evansville trading post. They've got more stuff than I could even fathom....and just because it's wicked funny i'll give them one more plug: you can get married at the store, well, kind of behind it, in their chapel, but, ya......funny stuff right. So they're better than walmart. I'm still laughing about it...... Anyway. I may not have plattsburgh or burlington down the road but I haven't ever had them so I don't and wouldn't miss it. Somedays I think about missing keene and ckaremont but then I remember I hated those towns. I liked some people there, and I do miss them, but that's it really. And I do see those people either when they come here or I go back down there and I do love my house and wish that I could bring it up here, and i'm missing my harley too but the kids cause some massive riding issues anyway, and she'll be here soon enough.....other than that it's basically awesome. One thing I do miss: turning on the light switch. We do have a couple switches here but you have to go out and turn on the generator first, so it's not nearly the same.

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Jolene said...

Hey, no need to defend yourself. I know you like the outdoorsy stuff. Glad you like it up there. You do seem to adapt wherever you are and you're never lacking in friendship. What can I say, I'm a snob.

Dan's camp actually has two switches now too - have to hook the cables up to batteries, but at least there are porch lights and a bedroom area light. Everything else is propane - fridge/freezer, stove, lights throughout. Next summer, or maybe this Fall, he is going to put in a tankless hotwater heater for showering & dishes. Luckily there is a creek 25 feet away. No need for a washer - the men just bring home there stinky hunting clothes for the wives to wash :(.

Have you found a gas dryer yet? Craigslist baby.