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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy day (second attempt to post)

Ashtyn is off enjoying old orchard beach with grammy and grampa, and jeremy is working so taylor and I joined jeremy at work. Today st. johnsbury is having this sort of summer fest with a farmers market, bounce houses, you name it. Almost every business in st j has a tent set up on the street to entice you to buy their goods. And because it is a town wide 'fun day' they have a special passenger train (which is why jeremy's working on a saturday). Taylor and I went on the first run which took us from st j to barnet and back, the next one went to lyndonville and the last one will go to barnet again. We had a nice time. We got to enjoy different scenes than we were used to going on the bf to chester runs back home. I didn't even know that the connecticut river (pic posted) was up here too. There were some local celebrity types on board with us, radio djs, photographers, etc, all excited to see a passenger train run through their town. Jeremy and bryan did an excellent job 'driving' the train. It was a little speedy at one point I thought anyways, jeremy laughed at me about it, but whatever. The other kinda scary part was the zillion 100+ year old bridges we relied on to carry our tonage of trains and people across the connecticut and passumpsic rivers the whole trip but I guess if jeremy has to do that daily with 40 cars full of freight it could handle the engine and our three cars of people. I got to feel like the technology goddess for a little bit as I uploaded pics to facebook during the trip. This guy, who I found out later was the dj, was talking to brian (our train tour guide from bellows falls) about how the train should offer wifi and they both grumbled back and forth about not having cell signal (get verizon!!!!) I laughed when I heard him on the radio on my way home as he told his listeners about how he couldn't broadcast from the train because there was no signal available on the route..... Could have used mine..... He also could have done his blog post that he wanted.... But nope, I figured it out too late.....sorry. I felt bad about it really, especially after hearing his really great plugs for green mtn on the radio. Jeremy's embarrassed.... The radio crew took pics up on the engine and he's in them...haha, they weren't posted yet but the blog where they should be is .... Wicked funny! Anyway, I wish taylor wasn't so tired, it seemed like it would have been pretty fun to roam the streets of st j for a while but she was out before we left the parking lot. Oh well, maybe next time.