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Monday, August 9, 2010

Ok Jolene, here are some camp pics

Same as always, no control of pic lacation.....

So, when you're looking at the camp, on the right is the 'bathroom' (shower and yes, a flushing toilet)...its the two toned plywood building/shed thing....behind the bathroom we added on a wash room/building thing for the washer and water heater so they aren't crowding up the bathroom or getting soaked by rain or shower water. The wash room obviously isn't completely finished as you can tell from the missing heater and sideways washer and the obvious lacking of a door or front wall, whatever, but it's getting there. We have to move the heater and re pipe it and do something about the chimney for it. But all in due time. I can't do it alone and jeremy needs to work :( Hopefully by the weekend it should be finished up. 

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Jolene said...

I'm speechless. Just kidding. Holy crap, you are living the rustic life aren't you? I don't know how you can take it. I do not have it in my DNA to suffer so :) Living with the conditions of my childhood home in Mooers was rustic enough for me. What are you going to do this winter?

Jolen said...

Oh yeah, kudos to you for actually having a bathroom. That's a giant leap above Dan's camp.