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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bad moon rising

Ugh! The kids and I went back to north walpole thursday. Jeremy had to work friday....or at least was supposed to until the job was cancelled thursday night after we were already home.... When we got there I unloaded all the dirty clothes we had accumulated since our last trip home and started the wash and then went to my in-laws to have some awesome as always dinner. I was there about 5 minutes and was pestered to run over to clyde and diane's house by ashtyn who wanted to see the kids. So we run across the street to say hi and give clyde his shrine on hoodie I still hadn't given him and heath tells me his mom is interested in my house. So he picks her up and I show her my house (my 3rd showing in 9 months :(  ) and then I go back to have my dinner and then back home to do more laundry and finally sleep. Friday I wake up at 6am for no good reason and start painting. I got the stairway, hallway ceiling, entry ceiling and basement stairway painted by about 10 and sue shows up with ashtyn. After a few hems and haws I decide whatever I have a ton of stuff done i'll go to keene with them. So we go to jcpenny's and sue buys the store out. She bought us all bathing suits, shorts, shirt, etc, whatever we need for our trip to punta cana in april. I wish I could still just go shopping :( , but I currently can't, so thank goodness ron and sue can and are willing to spoil all of us :) (thank you ). It was crazy shopping for clothing. Sue usually kidnaps me around my birthday and 'makes' me pick out a pair of jeans and a shirt or whatever and other than that I really don't buy clothing. I'm a packrat and if it fits, I wear it, I don't really care if it's out of style. I don't like style. I am a jeans and wife beater girl....and if it's cold out, a hoodie or my chunky hippie wool sweater will do. So anyway, back to shopping.... I have no idea what size I am. I've noticed that the more you spend on a pair of pants, the smaller your size becomes. A $14 pair at tjmaxx says i'm a size 7-9, my $38 carhartt's say i'm a size 6, my sister's $100 jeans say 0.... You get the picture. And if the dollar sign size thing wasn't enough, they've got womens, juniors, petites, full size, etc. I'm not a petite but a 34 inch inseem isn't the average girl world! I do not wish to have to cut 4 inches off every pair of my pants thank you. After attempting to figure out my size and finally picking out 3 pairs of shorts that almost don't show off my crud (which is another thing to the fashion world : if I wanted people to see my crud I wouldn't be wearing shorts, please stop making only daisey dukes and capris, there is a happy medium) and then it's bathing suit time. We go to where they are and find out that the are 6 bottoms left and 4 tops. 1 small bottom, which is too small and the rest are xxl, and the tops are all xxl. So I go back to the kids section where they had bathings suits from 2t to 18 which I thought odd but I go and realize that they are in fact kid sizes....although I don't know why we need a kids size 18 or anything above a 10 or 12 really..... I apparently and not only a 6,7,9, I am also a kids size 16-18. Can't we have one size latter. Which reminds me, sue picked up another bathing suit for me later in the day, it was european sized! It was a size got it as far as my knees..... It was ashtyn's size. At least we got through it, had some laughs and are now almost totally ready. All we need to do is get sandals, sun block and some odds and ends for jeremy. And line up a dog sitter. So after the shopping fun, which did actually go well, sue took the girls and I to olive garden for lunch.....i might need to go switch those 5s and 6s for some 9s and 10s! I ate so much. I wished I had my 'thanksgiving pants' on. It was sooooo good. After lunch we headed back to the homesteads so sue could stash out vaca clothing so it wasn't touched until vaca. And I ran home to finish my painting project. I painted the porch floor and door just as jeremy arrived. He ran and did some random odds and ends around the house and then we went back to ron and sue's for dinner, drinks and socializing. Saturday came and it was off to crecent lake for my dad and linda's wedding. It was short, sweet and cute. We finally saw their cottage, which is adorable. Jeremy and I were forced to dance (there were only like 25 guests so each couple was 'demanded' to the deck for at least their dance) so after our forced dance we bugged the dj and made his playlist for him and actually continued to dance a bit. Around 7 we headed back to our house to get some food and watch the best fireworks in new england.... Rockingham old homes days.....from our backyard, but then decided to watch them with our friends and family from ron and sue's yard. It was nice. Jolene, dan, ashley, morgan, julie and ryan headed over with us. To our slight surprise there were a ton more people there than usual so we had lots and lots of kids there. A guy from the fire station, I think his name was tim, came over with a huge box full of bags of popcorn to give to the 20 or so kids, which was nice, and we all enjoyed the display. The monette crew took off after the show to get some much needed sleep before their 3 1/2 hr ride home in the morning and ryan went to our house to do the same. We stayed for one beer to say hey to everyone since we don't see them anymore. Just long enough for some 'hi' s and to see cathy's dog's 1 day old puppies and we were treated to some fried alligator (thanks greg) and then we headed up to our house too. In the morning julie and ryan treated us to some dunkin donuts before they headed on their 2 1/2 hr ride home and we frantically ran around picking up, finishing up, closing up, locking up and loading up before our 2 1/2 hr ride.....which ended up being more like a 5 hr process. We then ran over to ron and sue's to say our thanks and byes to them and the gallion crew and then ran to travis's house in c-town to get the washing machine to bring up here. After an hour there then head to home depot to get a new lp water heater since the one at camp blew up (not really, but it did die) last week.... 6-700$ later, we finally got on our way to the nek. We arrived around 5:30 and immediately started working on the heater issue. We set up and jeremy started digging post holes and we got the logs in place, filled the holes in and started the painstaking process of removing the piping and old heater. A few curse words and burns later and a lot of banging, we got it out. We opened the box to the new one and brought it into the shower building. Much to our shock and disappointment, it's taller than the old one and it runs on 3/4 pipe, not the 1/2 inch pipe we have existing and we're livid with the idiot at home depot for his 'help'... So it was another night of cold showers last night. Today I have to go out and get the fitting we need and 2x4's and hopefully we can get it done tonight. Oh the joys. 

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