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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a little wet

We got around 4 inches of rain between 11pm and 6 am last night. Everything that was dry is now under water. We were worried about our 'well' (aka stream and collection tanks) were all but depleted.....not so much now. Our water collecting pipe which usually rests an inch above the water line is now 6 inches under it and filled our collection tanks with muck that had been dried up all week. I had to run out in this gick to unhook the whole set up so we don't fill out brand new water heater (which we finally hooked up last night) doesn't get filled with dirt-y water. Joy! Like always these days, I have no control of photo locations so i'll do my best to tell you what's what. The pic of dry stream: the rocks at the bottom right of the pic is what you're looking at in the wet, filled stream pic. The 2 pics with the lotsa rocks, that's the end of my driveway....flowingg and filling fast where it should be and also were it shouldn't, one of the pics shows water running down our future lawn (no grass there yet). The one with the brown water and brush pile behind it is at the beginning of precourt lane, the water is pouring off ron and sue future homes lawn after coming through their rock wall and taking some of their baby grass with it which is the other pic. Wet wet wet. Oh my goodness! Poor jeremy is hanging off a train in this garbage right now. He ought to be a real 'happy' bear when he gets home. 

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