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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week in Review

Last weekend Jeremy and I tore down the old clapboard yuckiness that somehow managed to escape the wrath of us for the last 3 years. It was not-so-cleverly hidden by Tyvek for a while and we couldn't take it anymore. So "Mr. Man" went off to Home Depot and loaded up on supplies. We got all the crud down, put up new plywood and Tyvek......and that's as far as that has gotten....and, like a dummy, I decided I had had enough of looking at the ugly 60's wallpaper in the spare room so I starting pulling that garbage off the, yeah, wallpaper + 40 years = not a fun or easy task in removing....I'm about 50% done after 9 days....I got my garden in...that's the one project that has been completed... minus the fence......the main reason behind the delay in finishing (besides that I tend to try to do 18 things at once.... Gram's home from the nursing home for 2 weeks, so I've been taking care of her a lot, I take care of 3 kids besides my own and we've been doing a ton of projects at Ron and Sue's house. I'm also trying to pull together a fundraiser for Shriner's Hospital in Springfield.......And....Ron and Sue bought a backhow for our (x4) tractor yesterday. Jeremy and Ron where like 2 little boys with a wad of cash in the toy store. They were looking for anythng to dig. They dug holes just to fill them back in again. What a riot. Once the newness wore off a bit, Jeremy had me dig up a root that had cost us several sets of lawn mower blades. I actually managed to do it without killing myself or breaking anything. Ashtyn had some fun on it too (while it was off of cource). And little miss Taylor now has 5 teeth! Why can't there be like 48 hours in a day?


Jolene said...

I guess you have been busy. I feel bad for you - that wallpaper job looks horrifying. I can't imagine having to take all of that down. Holy crap, and I thought wallborder was bad. What are you using to remove it?

Nina Honeycutt said...

Elbow grease and a scraper. I used vinegar and hot water with a HUGE razor stripper thing in Ashtyn's room and it did more harm than good to the plaster and lats (evil old house) so this time I figured I'd do it the really crappy way and at least this time the walls might stay together. I found something pretty neat though during my room destruction.... I found a Boston Globe from 1888 under the little step thing in the closet. I was pretty psyched. One of these days I'll finally be able to prove this house is older than the town thinks.

Jolene said...

I used Dif Wallpaper Stripper by Zinsser along with the scoring tool. Worked well, but I don't know if the people before you primed before they papered. What about renting or borrowing a steamer?