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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SHrINE ON Springfield

My friends and I are going to give it a whirl. Its not the fundraiser I wanted to do but at least we can do one. And we did raise a lot of money in no time for the March of Dimes, so hopefully we have similar or better results for Shriners. We're putting together a walk-a-thon and we'll most likely have a pot-luck barbecue for the people who participate after the walk, either at my place or at some other local/neutral location. All money collected will be going to the Shriners Hospital in Springfield Mass. I'm not spending any money on door prizes or whatever so there is no start up money to be deducted from the collections. If I get some freebies to offer, great! and if not, everyone who participates will just have the feeling of knowing they did something for a wonderful cause as a souvenir. Pray for nice weather, lots of walkers and donors and that Springfield Shriners remains up and running.