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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain Sucks!

I think it has rained every single day since April 26th. 12 days! I'm sick sick sick of it. It makes me cranky and puts me into cabin fever mode. All I want to do is sleep. The kids are nuts when its like this. They've both been sick since the 26th too we've done NOTHING and gone NO WHERE and it needs to end NOW! That's another thing that has irritated me for the last 2 weeks: Taylor had a wicked nasty cough and a slight fever. I let it go for a few days thinking it would pass, hopefully quickly, and I really didn't want to drag her to the doctors. Its not that I don't like the kids' pediatrician, I do, he's awesome, I just hate feeling like I'm one of those Mom's who freak out at every little sniffle. But after 3 days of coughing and crying, the pukey diareah showed up and Jeremy said I needed to bring her in. So my immediate thought is: Oh my god, if he says to get her in, I should have done it 3 or 4 days ago. This is the guy who didn't go to the doctors when he cut off his finger....Popsicle stick and duct tape "cured" it......REDNECK..... anyway, so I call the doctor and they get her in at 4:30 that evening, ears look good, throat looks good, no wheezing or anything in her lungs, and the kid didn't friggin cough once. I was not impressed where this was going. "she's fine, but call us if she gets a fever" Give me a f-ing break. So I pack the kids up to go home, pissed off. No sooner do I get outside, Taylor starts hacking and crying. Give me a break! So I get back home and listen to coughing, crying and screaming. So the next morning, about 6:30, she's warm. Jeremy goes to work, still oblivious I brought the kids to the doctor, and I frantically look for a thermometer. I find one, stick it under her armpit, 94 degrees....oh, so my kids a Popsicle! I find another one, I stick it in her ear, 95.1, again my kid has hypothermia. I find the "butt one" at least she's getting warmer. Then low and behold, I find a bandy-dandy new one. Please let this one work. Into the butt we go, and 102. Finally. So I call the doctors office. "He's not here today....want me to call Springfield for you" seeing how my only alternative is the ER, and this ER would let you bleed to death before giving you a bandaid, yeah, please call whoever. So she calls them and calls me back. 4:30 appointment. So I package up the kids again. Drive 30 minutes to the other doctors office. Wait FOREVER and then finally the doctor shows up, has a nurse take her temperature, check her O2 stats, the doctor comes back "she has a minor fever 100.8, give her some Tylenol", which the nurse then did and sent us on our way home again. Again I'm pissed. I'm pissed that Taylor didn't cough for the doctor AGAIN and I'm pissed that "She's fine".... she's not fine. Saturday comes and goes, this was the day of the March for Babies and Ashtyn's birthday party, I have been religiously checking Taylor's temp every hour or so. All I kept thinking was of Dee's little girl getting sick the summer Ashtyn was born, being repeatedly told she was fine and then passing away on the ride to another attempt at a doctors visit. I kept trying not to over react and look at it rationally, but that morning Ashtyn started in with a cough. At first we all thought it was a joke to get cough drops. But the cough remained all weekend. Monday, I call the girls pediatrician's office again. The evil fill-in-secretary:"he's busy and doesn't have any time today" WRONG ANSWER! Ever so calmly "you look here, I brought my baby in on Thursday, brought her to Springfield on Friday. Its now Monday and now BOTH of my girls are sick" "Both of your kids are sick?" ever so meekly. YESSSSSSS! "Oh. well, I'll tell and have her give you a call" Great. So I wait. Tick tick tick. 2 minutes have gone by....the phone rings. I tell her whats going on, she rescheduled someone's well child check up thing, and we needed to get our tushies over to their office. So we pack up and run over there. Now: Ashtyn has a pretty bad ear infection and bronchitis/bronchiolitis (whatever... phlemmy coughing yuck) and little miss Taylor has an ear infection in BOTH EARS and the same bronchio...whatever. Finally, I'm not insane, they aren't FINE. Some antibiotics prescriptions and we're homeward bound again. Ashtyn's med's are the 4 day kind and Taylor gets the 10 day. At this point Ashtyn has not said a word about her ear hurting. As soon as the meds are gone. "my ear hurts" sure it does, she just wants more medicine..... So I ask what ear hurts.... she points to her left one. Motherffffffffffer. Sure enough, that's the one that had the ear infection. So I have no idea if its still there or what. But today I get to drag them over to the doctors for our 4th trip in 14 days to attempt at making it through Ashtyn's 3 year well child check up and then both of them will get a recovery check up. At least they're smooshing the 3 appointments into one for me.....I hate the rain. Have I told you that lately. You wouldn't be reading this crap if we were outside doing something fun. GRRRRRRR


Jolene said...

I really, really, really hate that. You are not alone. Whether it's my health issues or the kids, I swear that always happens. You wait around and wonder and then finally make the appointment and na da. That and no one gets sick until the weekend when an appointment is impossible.

Hope the munchkins are feeling better.

And, sorry, it's still raining here too and it's Sunday. Maybe by now you guys have the sun.