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Friday, May 8, 2009

Trying to Save Springfield Shriners

This somehow squeezed through the cracks of my acknowledgement, but I think its awesome people are rallying to save Shriners......

Hundreds rally for
Shriners Hospital
In danger of closing; decision to be
made in July
Updated: Sunday, 19 Apr 2009, 11:26 PM EDT
Published : Sunday, 19 Apr 2009, 7:21 PM EDT

Sy Becker
Michelle Misiaszek
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - On Sunday afternoon hundreds of people rallied across the street from Shriners Hospital on the lawn of the Springfield Boys and Girls Club . They came to serve notice that they will do everything in their power to keep the children's hospital open. If Springfield's Shriner's Hospital eventually closes its doors, it won't be for lack of community support.

22News spoke with parents and grandparents who've experienced the hospitals healing power on their young. "It's just such a wonderful place and what a loss it would be to the community if Shriners were to leave," said Amy Coons of Wilbraham.

Supporters have launched a petition drive to save the hospital. "I'm a grandmother raising 4 grandchildren that are orphans. Steck and stormy were both born with cerebral palsy and we've been coming to Shriners for seven years," said Kathi Sheehan of Springfield.

The Shriners fervent supports consider their afternoon rally just the starting point. They're determined to keep the Springfield hospital from closing its doors, as they honor the thousands of children already helped, and many more to be cured of their disabilities in the years ahead.

One little girl summed it all up so beautifully when she addressed the rally telling supporters of what the Shriners Hospital has meant to her. "I was suffering from juvenile rhemetitus and they literally saved my life a couple of years ago. I couldn't even get out of bed," said Emily Tonning, Former Shriners Hospital patient.

A decision on which Shriner's location will close is expected to be made in July.

And this write up on Coyote's Tent with contact info for Ralph Semb, President and CEO of Shriners Childrens Hospitals