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Friday, May 1, 2009


Oh the joys of warm weather. Everyone comes out of their hibernation and flock to anywhere thats not inside the house. There's been a lot of get-togethers in the midwest of families with kids that have limb differences and I'm so sad and jealous I can't be there. Sammy's Friends and I-Can have been valuable resources in getting people together..... just not me. There are only a few people in my area of the country and it seems we have more differences than things in common, wether its the age of our kids...or that the people who want to meet are adults who want to meet other adults, geographic location, the limb difference itself, wether we want to drive or have people come to us and the fact that there's not a whole lot to do.... especially that everyone would enjoy as a whole. We don't have any zoos or big theme parks, our fairs are pretty lame (with the exception of Hopkington State Fair. And the one day in the entire year when something entertaining actually happens near me, Old Homes Day, when we have THE BEST FIREWORKS EVER (besides Disney), which we watch right in my yard, is also the same day as my Family Reunion so its not like I can invite people over for a cookout or something since I won't be around until fireworks time. And Jeremy wouldn't likely be here either since he'll most likely be the one running the train during the fireworks. I really hate New Hampshire. I'm in the middle of no where.