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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SHrINE ON update

The support and donations are coming at us like wild fire. Some shirts and car stickers have been donated. The monetary donations are still coming strong and I'm dying to know what everyone has raised so far but I want to wait until the end so you all have to wait too......We've got tons of soda tabs....although I found out it takes a whole lot more than I thought to make 1 pound.... a coffee can full.... holy crap!!! And the word is getting out there. I've uploaded the flier to a few local news channels and I just wrote in to the local paper. So hopefully we get some feed back from them. I have a bunch more local businesses to talk to and hopefully I get some donations from them. This is such a good cause.....I wish I had realized what the Shriners did for people before I needed them to help my little girl....I would have started this years ago. I'm just so happy people are willing to help. Thank you everyone who has or is continuing to help us with this wonderful cause.