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Monday, June 22, 2009

One project down, five thousand to go

Jeremy and Ron finished our wall of shakes!!!! Finally, after 3 years of looking at tyvek and/or clapboard, its done...... with the exception of stain. Julie and ryan came down for weekend and the 6 of us had a cookout with my dad and Linda and went to Terry's to go fishing for the afternoon. If was nice, and then rainy, and then nice, and then sweltering hot and finished off nice again.
Mother nature is a crazy one!

Jeremy, Julie and Ryan finally got to see Dad's new tree house he built "for the kids" which is code for himself. I have dubbed it the "New Cabin". For those who don't know.....when we lived across the road from his current location (he'll never leave the general location of where he is...EVER) he built this awesome little cabin just in the tree line on the corner of our driving range. And when he moved I thought for sure he'd have found some way to lift it and drag it across the road to his new house. Sadly he left it, and so this is his replacement for it.

The tree goes through it, it has 2 floors, a tons of windows and doors, a rope and bucket pulley system, a fireman's pole and you can enter via rope or stairs, which flip up to keep others out, if your feeling antisocial. It is so awesome! I don't think my dad will ever hear the end of sister and I are totally mad at him for not building us something like it when we were little. Don't get me wrong, Julie ahd her cute little Alice in Wonderland house, but what did I want with that thing? I was 9 when he built it. I had to crouch down to get in the door. I didn't want a little girl house, I wanted a tree house!


Jolene said...

House looks great.

Sounds like fun. I'm so jealous. Don't know when I will get to NH this summer.

You were not nine when he built that little cottage. C'mon. Seriously? Remember how we tried spending the night out there. That lasted a whole hour, if that.

That was a cool cabin and I cannot believe to this day that he didn't find a way to bring it with him. That tree house is awesome. I have to give him credit, he is ultra creative.

Nina Honeycutt said...

I was to nine. He built it for Julie's 6th birthday. You had better be here for the reunion.... or at least the firewoks that night!!!!