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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More adventures in the land of Chaos and Mayhem

How I find time to sleep I'll never know. I have been so busy the last few weeks I feel like I'm spinning. Between my kids and kids that aren't mine, helping out with Gram (she had her hip replacement surgery Monday, all went well and she's going to rehab on Friday.. I believe) trying to get our Shriners fundraiser up and running, helping out at Travis' house, and Brad and Gloria's house, 7 pets... only one is mine, and trying to make my house not look like a tsunami went threw it.... I should be grey or bald. And the overwhelming weekend suckage that comes with summer...ugh! I have something going on every single weekend from now until September.... and I only have one weekend currently left in September that I'm not already "booked". I also had my second, third and forth Stupid-person run in with Taylor. All in one day. "What's wrong with her arm?" Nothing, she only has one hand. "Oh... well at least she still looks alright" FO! Um blood pressure medicine...STAT. I know it is bound to happen but give me a break. Its days like those I wish she had her naughty onsie on. I hate stupid people. GRRRRR! More later when the "cranky" leaves my brain