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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back at the homestead

We made it home. Hours before I would have liked to but.... you'll have that I guess. I was so delighted to have a flushing toilet at camp..... well now I'm scared of it. Not the toilet, or the very nice hot, hot, super hot shower its located next to, it is the unfathomably HUGE spider that has made the "bathroom" his home. The picture is pretty blurry since I cropped it and keep in mind I was no where near the thing when I took the pictures of it. I want to crawl out of my skin just thinking about that nasty monster. Bleck!

The original picture of mr nasty spider is in the slide show. Some of the pictures are probably dumb, Ashytn was using the camera a bit, but whatever. I have to round up the kids so that's all i got for you right now.


Jolene said...

Never thought you'd be scared of a spider. See you ride the toys, but I'd get up close and personal with the spider and even kill it for you. How's that for a sissy girl like me?

I hate photobucket cuz it never shows up on your blog, but I like the photos. So when are you going to build your dream house?

Nina Honeycutt said...

That friggin spider is huge! The "MEN" wouldn't go near it. Jeremy tried to kill it with a sledge hammer and it just laughed and crept away. If you want to kill it for me that'd be great. I'm sure everyone would appreciate that.
I noticed that about photobucket. I'm not having any luck with picture hosting sites. Everyone has a different flaw. Grr.
The dream house depends on a few major things.... Jeremy's transfer to the train up there (13 months-ish), R&S either paying off the rest of the mortgage or getting the go ahead from the seller/loaner to subdivide our acrage, then getting our chunk in our names, selling our house here and getting the land cleared, road put in and house up there built. The clearing part and some road action we're hoping to take care of next month, as well as the either the ok from the seller/loaner or R&S paying off the loan. And hopefully the rest falls into place so we're not living in two places.