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Friday, June 19, 2009

I wish today was over

I'm in such a garbage mood today. There has been so much pollen in the air lately that now I can barely breathe out my nose. My throat is killing me and my head is just throbbing. I feel like I've been run over by a dump truck. And on top of the crud feeling, everyone seems to want to hit, or I should day SMASH my buttons. Everyone wants to pull the pity me crap and I just want to smack them. Guess what, my life isn't rosie either. I spend my days trying to keep myself from sinking in my pool of manure. I'm trying to make sure my kids are happy and fed. Taking care of everyone else's kids with not much appreciation showed. Trying to help who I can when I can. Dealing with the never-ending stupid wedding invitations that show up every day. Everyone seems to want to plan my entire summer for me so I can't get anything I need to do done, let alone just sit and do nothing for an hour. Every weekend {since April 11 and not ending} until September 26, is booked. I've got something I'm supposed to do or attend. Every weekend. Something. Wedding, birthday, wedding, wedding, fix camp, wedding. Last I checked I had no friends...... okay so I have like 5.... and all of them except for Sara are married already. Why am I being bombarded with wedding invitations. Chances are pretty good, if I can afford the gas to drive to your wedding, that's all I got for you... I showed up. And considering the fact you are going to (over) pay for me to eat at your wedding, my gift of my appearance isn't going to cover the meal you are going to offer me. I can't swing $100 or whatever for every wedding. I just can't. And I would already feel like a jerk only giving you $100 because chances are very good, the meal was more than that for the 2 of us. So it's still cost you money for me to show up. Girr. Is it tomorrow yet?


Jolene said...

Cheer up you sound too much like me : ), that's never a good thing. $100.00 bucks, WTF? Did you move to the Hamptons and not tell me?

Jolene said...

Just say NOOOOOOOOOOOO to something.

I consider wedding and shower invitations bills.

Thank God I'm old and almost all my peeps are married.

Nina Honeycutt said...

No Hamptons life.... that seems to be a "cheap" gift around here. The wedding I just went to was nothing fancy by an means and they couple paid $54 per plate (and the food was garbage). So even if I had given them $100, they still lost money.... stupid huh. Invitatioons are definately a bill. I thought I was in the clear, too, with all but one of my friends being married already..... not so much. And if I say no to the invite I get to fell like a big jerk..... "we went to yours"...blah.... you didn't have to. I swear this week I'm just completely surrounded by "demanding" and "dumb".