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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Chaos" turned the big 3 today!!!

My day started off with a "Good morning Mommy" and then a great big smile followed by a very puzzled look as I said "Happy Birthday". I asked Ashtyn what she was looking for and she asked me where everyone was. "What are you talking about?" "Where is everyone for my birthday? and cake? where's my cake?" As I explained to her that her party was not until Saturday, she gave me this look like: "why the hell did you say happy birthday to me today if no one is coming until Saturday?!" This is why, I remembered, that last year we only celebrated her birthday at her party, not on her actual birthday. One good thing that happened today though, I managed to get her to cooperate and let me take pics of her. I took 113!! I might not get this chance again.

It wasn't a super exciting day for Ashtyn. We started the day by stacking 2 cords of wood, planting grass and opening up the in-laws' pool. Followed by rain. But we finished the day off with a whipped cream fight inside (my mil's house.....someone's head would roll if it were in my house), ice cream "cake" and a bubble bath.

I can't imagine that my "baby" is 3 already!!!!! It seems like only yesterday......


Jolene said...

Happy Birthday Ashtyn and Nina, congratulations on being a mommy for 3 years.