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Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm going to be an aunt....and other things that happened this week

Now that I've got your attention......Its not Julie!!! Jeremy's half-sister Crystal is expecting. Congrats Crystal!!! (Jolene and GG, I saw you both jump, and I'm giggling to the point of wetting myself.) Team "Chaos and Mayhem" (March of Dimes) has grown to 8 members (and 7 baby-members).... and we've raised almost 500 dollars so far (not bad for 10 days).....we've got 15 days left to rally some more funds but 4 people joined us yesterday and I don't know yet how much CrownPoint is donating for Travis. Now if only I can pull something similar off to help Shriners. Depending on how this vote of theirs goes in July, I may be attempting a community wide party to benefit them. I'm still in the pondering stages and finding out what I can for info on how to go about this project. If all goes as planned it shouldn't be a big deal and it could actually get a lot of donations for them and be a ton of fun. Here's to hope. For those of you completely confused as to what I'm talking about, you apparently somehow missed the 8,000 posts of news clips I put up, but the hospital Taylor goes to for her prosthetics and Orthopaedic needs might close, along with 5 of their other locations due to lack of funds, stock market losses, decline of donations, etc. If they close Taylor and lots of other kids will either have to trek thousands of more miles away for care, or they may not even be able to receive care anymore. That's not an option in my book. I'm currently trying on much smaller than community-wide-party scale to rally some donations and at least light a fire under some people's tushies to donate. I've got a million and one ideas, I just need to figure out how to make them work. Hmmm other stuff that's going on... Jeremy got his engineer's license, so he can now drive the train without someone holding his hand:) Woo-hoo! And a raise:) Super-WOO-HOO! and a cut in hours :( Not so woo-hoo. But back on the ups, one of my ex-daycare families might be a re-enrolled daycare family!! Yippee. Apparently "Mom" and her mom and step-dad are going into a Tri-ownership of a new restaurant. Super! And my current part time fella might become a full timer in May. Its about time something changed for the better around here. I hate not having a ton of kids around, I get all out of sorts when its just my two. When I've got a bunch, I've got a schedule, I've got rhythm, I've got some sanity. When its just Ashtyn, Taylor and myself, there is no schedule, there is not rhythm, its full of indecision and destruction, or a doctors visit that will undoubtedly be accompanied by a HUMONGOUS BLOW OUT TANTRUM FROM other words, not as fun as it should be. Speaking of my tantrum-haver, she's in love with her dad this week?!?! She had a complete break down when he left to go to Sam's tonight. She ran to the door behind him and just screamed and cried and yelled for her daddy. It was so sad but nice at the same time. She's not usually (at least for the past year) very lovey. She is generally happy just doing whatever with whoever until she gets in trouble and then she wants anyone who isn't the person scolding her. But the last couple days, she's been a total Daddy's girl. And when she's not glued to her dad, she's trying to help me with anything and everything. I don't know what happened to her or if she's been switched with an alien, but she's a total different kid this week. On that note, I've have caught you up on the good, the bad and the in general happenings of the homestead and now I'm departing to my bed.... my mind is jumping around like a kid with ADD after drinking a 12 pack of redbull.....I'm sure you've noticed......waaaaaay past my bedtime. Goodnight


themiddlingmonettes said...

Okay, hate to burst your bubble, and make you wet yourself for nothing, but Julie never even crossed my mind when I read the title. Don't know why.

That's great about Jeremy. Hopefully everything picks up as summer gets closer.

You sure are a busy girl. I feel tired just reading about all of your intended plans.

Don't feel alone, I was awake at 2:00 a.m. with my mind running wild. Couldn't sleep and couldn't stop dwelling on things. I chalk it up to raging hormones. Definitely not red bull. Can't even drink regular coffee past 6 anymore :)