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Friday, April 3, 2009

Save Shriners

I was at Shriners today and I talked to a couple people there about what is going on, and what we could to help out. The Director of Public Relations, Bernadette White, assured me that any donations earmarked for Springfield would go to Springfield, O&P to O&P, etc. There was a big discussion about where money goes this week and that was they found out......where ever you say you want it to go, that is where it will go.
Aside from that, we, the parents of small children, the children and young adults who can write themselves, all need to send in letters to Shriners to thank them for their help, express how lost we would be without them, the good things they've done, anything and everything you can think of to show your support. Send them to your local Shrine, send them to the Shriners Hospital you go to, send them to your local news and tell them what is going on. We can be the biggest help. We are the ones who can do it, not the employees. The Shriners will be having a national meeting in July (around the 4th) and they will decide then what will happen. If they have thousands of letters to show support in keeping a certain hospital or all the hospitals doors open, they will help them immensely in fighting their case. The hospitals will also be sending letters to the families soon, so watch your mail box. If you can afford to donate, please do. If you can start a fund raiser, do it. Yard sale, bake sale, car wash anything and donate the money to your local Shriners. We all need to try to help now before we lose our Shriners Hospitals.