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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its over....finally

I had almost no sleep last night and am currently running on the 15 million ounces of caffeine I poured down my throat today. Team Chaos and Mayhem pulled off our goal and then some for the March of Dimes March for Babies fundraiser today. Travis and Sam were undoubtedly hungover but they were in brighter spirits (and shape overall) than I was today. I was late...big surprise..... but we did it. Our initial goal was $500, which Jessi killed her first day of donation seeking, so I raised our goal to $800 (I didn't want to go too high since donors were starting to lag)... but we doubled that today too. We raised $1576!!!! Not too shabby for only 2(ish) weeks. I was pretty surprised. The walk was from 10-12 and then it was back to the homestead for final steps in the pre-party process. And Ashtyn's birthday party went very well. Part of the reason for no sleep last night was because Julie and I were up until 1:30am decorating Ashtyn's cake which tasted delicious and looked pretty good for 2 girls who have no idea how to decorate a cake. The weather was awesome... a bit too hot, but we finally got to use the swimming pool we got her 2 years ago which the kids all loved. Pepere and Nonna gave her a wonderful playhouse. My dad.... aka Pepere, built it to resemble our camp. It came out awesome. She got tons of kitchen and fake food things to put in her new house. And a beautiful princess ball gown with shoes from Grandmama and Papa. I still haven't even actually scene half of the gifts since I was dealing with Taylor and everything else but she is spoiled spoiled spoiled. There were so many kids here today and I don't think there was a single episode of bickering, whining, fighting, nothing. Everyone was completely awesome. This one little girl, who I met today for the first time, completely blew me away. She was absolutely in love with Taylor's little hand. She kissed her "smiley" a bunch of times and acted like it was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. Yet again reassuring me that Taylor will be fine. I'm still waiting for the day some little bully picks on her.... I'm really waiting to see how bad she pummels anyone who dares to pick on her, but either will someday happen. Just not today. Today would not have happened without all the help from my family. They tied up all the loose stings I forgot about or just couldn't pull off and helped out so much. Lisa, Mom, Dave, Ryan, Julie, Dad, Jess, Bryan and my hubby Jeremy Thank you all for your help. Thank you everyone who Marched today. Thank you everyone who donated. And thank you to everyone who joined us today. This week has sucked, today was awesome and finally...its I can get some sleep