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Monday, March 23, 2009

This is how my day went:

I got to fold a months worth of clothing....and try like hell to find a home for everything.

This is the pile of clean laundry that was hiding from my "want to do" list for the past month or so in my basement.

Notice the folded stuff and the pile-o-clothing.... the folded stuff was my clothes, Jeremy's clothes, sheets and towels..... the pile-o-clothing is Ashtyn and Taylor's stuff. And keep in mind: 1)this is just what they fit into at this moment, 2)this is not the clothing that is in their room, 3) or the festering pile that has consumed MY closet, 4) doesn't include the dirty clothes still in my basement, 5) there is at least this much if not more clothing in my attic that Ashtyn has grown out of and Taylor is too small for, and 6) I have an entire row of my closet that is full of brand new clothes and a bunch of outfits that were worn to a photo shoot and then handed down to me.... um...... The words "EXCESS" and "DOWNSIZE" come to mind.


Anonymous said...

I know what the Ashtyn is not getting for her birthday, nor Nina

Nina Honeycutt said...

Please and Thank you! Bank and belly.